Electric vehicles up the pace over hybrids


Recently obtained data has suggested that in the coming years, the enhanced development and use of electric vehicles (EVs) will supersede that of hybrid vehicles.

As technology continues to advance at speed - as well as an increased awareness of finite natural resources available to feed the endless needs of human activity - sustainable alternatives and innovation advancements in the automotive industry have never been more important.

Creditplus, one of the leading providers of car finance in the UK, recognises this need for more sustainable alternatives, and so can fund and source a range of electric vehicles through their extensive online car search.

The rise of the EVs

One major technological advancement in terms of sustainable living is the electric vehicle. Running on battery power, and without the guzzling thirst for fuel, electric cars appear to be the future of the automotive world. EVs are becoming increasingly popular within the consumer market which, according to the recently released data, is thought to be at the expense of the hybrid.

According to Rupert Pontin, Director of Valuations at Glass’s, hybrid cars have 'outlived their usefulness'. Pontin argues that hybrids were originally designed to solve the two problems in which electric cars typically faced; their high cost and low range due to ‘battery life’. People were initially turned off the idea of EV’s due to the fact their need for charging would affect their commute. However, according to Pontin “there are very clear signs that these issues are being resolved very quickly.”

EVs available from Creditplus

This statement was made after EV’s such as the BMW i3 - just one EV available from Creditplus - extended their mile range, allowing drivers to travel further after charging their vehicles, meaning less complications when planning longer journeys. This advancement could spell the end for hybrid vehicles, who are viewed by many as being more complex than diesel and with fewer additional benefits.

With Creditplus being able to source and supply EVs to their customers, the company’s proud ethical stance is of benefit to both the customer and to the environment. Shaun Armstrong, Managing Director of Creditplus, commented: “With EVs now in the used car market, we are seeing what values they achieve and what depreciation they suffer. It means used PCP deals should become wider spread and more attractive to consumers."

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