Keep on moving: Why logistics teams are essential to the UK car industry


The work carried out by the UK car industry’s logistics teams is something which requires more publicising, according to a recent finding.

Reported as being the ‘ghosts of the motor industry’, it is also recognised that without them, the millions of units they are responsible for moving each year would all but freeze.

As with any successful online business, there are always a number of teams that collaborate to provide a first-class service to their customers; something which Creditplus know a lot about.

Finding, funding and delivering

As the UK’s leading online car finance provider, Creditplus recognised early on that being able to provide a full and first-class service was essential to exceeding customers’ expectations. With this being one of their main focuses, two key elements were added to their service offerings: a dedicated logistics team - providing an essential link between the customer and their desired car - and their Find, Fund & Deliver ‘armchair service’ through their network of dealers.

The Find, Fund & Deliver service takes the hard work of finding a car away from the customer. Creditplus’s experienced and knowledgeable Logistics team work closely with the company’s Customer Advisors to ascertain the exact model specifications that the customer is looking for. Once this information is detailed and the car finance agreement is in place, the Logistics team can source and supply the perfect car to suit the customer’s individual needs.

Part of this service includes the delivery of the customer’s car to either their work or home address. Once the car loan has been approved by Creditplus’s Underwriters, the Logistics team contact the customer personally within four hours to confirm a delivery date.

Saving time, effort and money

The ease of service which Creditplus offers is in part what is attributed to their 29% increase in applications so far this year. As a company who promises to do their very best in saving their customers time, effort and money, being able to provide the ideal car is part of the whole package. With almost 2,000 cars being supplied to customers nationwide within the last 12 months, the work performed by the Creditplus Logistics team – and that of their Customer Advisors - is integral to the company’s overall operational structure.

Speaking about the importance of logistics operations, Creditplus’s Managing Director Shaun Armstrong commented: “34% of our consumers now ask for assistance in finding the right car, as their initial search is often money driven; in other words 'How much can I borrow?' and 'How much does it cost?'

Our Logistics team work with quality, vetted dealers to speed up the process of finding the best car options, saving our customers time, effort and money."

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