The rise of the internet and its positive impact on online businesses


In a constantly changing buying market, the internet has made the biggest impact on consumers’ purchasing habits over the last decade. For a business such as Creditplus, the increased use of the internet by consumers searching for both cars and suitable finance products has seen their place in the used car market become firmly cemented in the 12 years that they have been in operation.

A recent report has shown that almost half of the UK’s car dealers recognise that a large proportion of their own successes has come from the internet, as well as the number of rogue dealers being drastically driven down. With more and more reputable dealers being available, Creditplus have been able to build and maintain relationships with a vast network of trusted, quality dealers all over the UK.

It is this element of the car buying journey that Creditplus provides for their customers that highlights and reaffirms their own qualities of being a trusted and respected car finance provider. By being a purely online business - and with the internet revolutionising the used car market in such a positive way - Creditplus are able to dedicate their resources to providing a first-class and superior service to their ever-expanding customer base.  

In-house innovation

As well as their relationship with dealers, Creditplus have dedicated time and effort into making the car finance buying journey for their customers as simple and less time consuming as possible. One piece of in-house innovation they have developed and built is their Car Finance Calculator. The tool allows customers to work out the best loan available to them, based on their budget, as well as what their monthly repayments will be. This level of empowerment means that customers have a better understanding of what they will be likely to pay for their car over the finance term they choose.

Another tool that customers have access to before making an application for finance is the free Credit Check tool. Because owning a car and making repayments is a huge commitment, it is important that customers distinguish the differences between lower and higher risk credit ratings. This is to ensure they understand not only how credit ratings can affect their finance applications, but also what they may need to do to repair the rating if it is less favourable than expected or required.

More informed decisions

Aside from the tools designed to make the finance part of the journey as transparent as possible, the internet has also allowed consumers to increase their knowledge about the car they want. While the internet is awash with car buying websites, Creditplus’s own car search function is a ‘one stop shop’ for finding out specific details about each of the cars they are able to source. The level of detailing available means that customers can locate their perfect car as well as being aware of the costs involved.

Creditplus’s dedication to assisting and educating their customers, as well as providing them with the very best deal for their individual circumstances, is what continues to keep Creditplus ahead in the used car sector. With 2016 being an incredibly successful year for the company so far, 2017 is likely to be even more so.

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