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Why compare car insurance quotes with Creditplus?

Finding the best car insurance quote is all about comparing as many different providers as possible. No two car insurance companies are the same, so to ensure you are getting the best quote, you want to choose a Creditplus product that looks at a wide panel of lenders.

Creditplus has partnered with Quotezone to bring you a powerful car insurance system from 110 different providers, including large companies and smaller providers. Totally independent and unbiased, you can be sure that the quotes provided are the best deal available to you. No hidden fees, no surprises, just a simple form for you to complete to get your car insurance quotes in just a few minutes.

Get access to a panel which includes top UK car insurance providers and you could save up to £530*

Tips on getting the best car insurance price

Compare 110 different providers to find the cheapest car insurance quotes for you. But there are additional steps you can take to lower the cost of your premium.

Don’t just auto-renew

It can be tempting to just stick with your existing provider when the time comes to renew your car insurance. But you could be missing out on savings from a new provider who can offer you a better price. You should always compare car insurance quotes when the time comes to renew.

Get an accurate mileage

Car insurance is partly based on the number of miles you complete each year. When you fill out a form to get a car insurance quote, you’ll be asked how many miles you think you’ll drive for the year ahead. To get an accurate idea of how many miles you do, take a look at the difference in mileage between your most recent MOTs. That way you won’t be paying for more miles than you’ll actually do.

Choose a higher excess

Another way to reduce your insurance costs is to opt for a higher excess. While this means you may end up paying some money towards a repair or damage caused if you need to make a claim, you can benefit from being a careful driver by setting this at a larger amount.

Park somewhere secure and private

Where you park your car at night has a big impact on your car insurance quote. If you can, you should park your car inside a garage or on a private driveway. Not only does this deter potential car thieves, but you are also unlikely to have another driver hit your car and cause damage that needs to be repaired.

Annual instead of monthly payments

When you pay for your car insurance, you’ll be given the choice to pay an annual or monthly price. It may be tempting to go for the monthly price, as it won’t be as big a lump sum as an annual price. But if you do go for monthly, you will pay more in the long term. That’s because the insurance provider will charge interest on these monthly payments. So it’s always better to pay annually for a lower price.

Install additional security features

One of the protections provided by car insurance is against theft of your vehicle. So if you can install additional security features that make this more difficult, then you will be showing an insurer that your vehicle is at less risk. This will reduce the car insurance quote.

Install a telemetrics system

More and more insurance providers are offering discounts for driver’s who install a telemetrics system in their car. This allows a provider to accurately monitor the way you drive and ensure the quote provided reflects the way you use your car. Some providers will even off an insurance package based per mile.

Compare multiple providers

Don’t worry, we’ve got that sorted for you.

How to check what insurance group your car is in

Every make and model of car on the market is given an insurance category. This gives insurers and consumers an idea of how much insurance you will be charged based on the car you drive (This is separate from include factors based on your personal details and driving history).

A car’s category is based on its reliability, how easy it is to repair, and the availability and cost of replacement parts.

To check your car’s insurance category, there are several sites online that allow you to do so. Just do a quick internet search of “your car’s make and model insurance category”.

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Insure a car for less with Creditplus

Here’s why you can trust Creditplus to help you find the best car insurance quote for you.

Compare 110+ quotes

The powerful car insurance comparison system helps you find a great deal by comparing over 110 quotes. You’ll see a list of prices side by side, so you can quickly see not just the prices, but the optional extras and additional protections available.

Online or over the phone

However you want to buy your car insurance, you’ll be able to quickly and easily choose the best quote for you.

Save time and money

The short form has been designed to make it as simple possible to generate your quotes. In a few minutes, you’ll have quotes from 110+ different insurance providers.

Trusted by millions

Over 3 million customers trust the platform to help them save money every year.

Your data is secure

Our platform follows all the latest internet security standards, and we will only store your information based on your preferences.

Totally independent and unbiased

We have no partnership or affiliation with any insurance provider, so we can focus on getting you the best possible car insurance quote.

Types of car insurance

Third party

Third party cover is the most basic form of protection. It will cover the cost of any injuries sustained by other people involved in an accident that was your fault. So if you are responsible for a crash with another car and someone is hurt, the cover will protect you for any medical costs incurred by that person.

It will also cover you for any property damage caused by an accident that was your fault. So repairs to a car that was hit, or any structural damage if you were to crash into a wall for example. This is the cheapest form of car insurance protection.

Third party fire and theft

Third party fire and theft provides the above protection, but also protects your car if it is stolen, or if it is written-off by a fire. This does not cover you if an accident is your fault.

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive protection includes all the protections in third party fire and theft, but it also will pay for any repairs to your car in an accident that is your fault. So if your car is damaged in an accident, no matter who is responsible, you’ll be able to get back on the road. This is the most expensive type of coverage.

Optional extras for your car insurance package

As well as the three types of car insurance above, there are often additional extras you can add to your package for a small increase in the price of your premium. Some providers will include these as standard, others as an add-on.

Breakdown cover/Roadside assistance - This protection will help get you back on the road if you have a breakdown. This can include towing your car back to your local garage, onward journey support, and courtesy car use. Check the terms and conditions for the exact protection available.

Windscreen cover - If your windscreen becomes damaged, then this protection will cover the cost of repair or replacement. Whether it’s a large crack or just chipped, this cover can stop the issue from getting worse.

Car key cover - Modern car keys are a lot more complex than they used to be, with programming and contactless entry making them very expensive to replace. This cover will provide repair, reprogramming, or replacement of keys.

Driving other cars insurance - If you need to regularly drive another person’s car, then you can get additional protection that covers you for vehicles other than your own. This extra is not normally available to under 25s.

Courtesy car cover - If your car is being repaired and you need a vehicle, this cover will provide a courtesy car for the duration of the repair work.

Misfuelling - Putting the wrong type of fuel in your car can be an expensive mistake, leaving you stranded and needing to drain your fuel tank with specialist equipment. This cover will help pay for any costs that come from misfuelling.

Personal belongings - You can get protection for the belongings you leave in your car too. Ideal if you are a regular commuter and leave your work laptop or phone in your car.

Car Insurance Saving Figure

You could save up to £530*
*51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.