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Find out how much your car is worth by using our free, quick, and fair car valuation tool. Just enter a few details about your car and we will give you an accurate valuation of your vehicle. Sell or part exchange your vehicle by getting multiple bids on it from multiple dealers to get the fairest price. What’s more, providing all the details you give are correct, we will guarantee that price.

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Find out what your monthly repayments will be for the loan you require using our car finance calculator. Alternatively complete our quick online application form (no obligation, no impact on your credit file) and we will help you find the right motor finance deal.

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The Creditplus car valuation tool

When you’re trying to find out how much your car is worth, it’s easy to get confused about all the different options online. What you want is a tool that is free, quick, accurate, and gives you a fair price. What you want is the Creditplus Car Valuation Tool.

We have designed our car valuation tool with you, the consumer, in mind. By putting in a few details and answering some simple multiple-choice questions, we will be able to provide you with a fair price for your car.          

How it works

First, all we need is your car’s reg number, total mileage, and your contact details. We will then search our database to provide a valuation based on the car’s make, model and age. Not only will we then give you an estimated price, but the car valuation tool will also tell you how accurate the price is. To improve this accuracy, we need a few more details:

  • Number of spare keys – how many keys do you have for the car?
  • Service history – this is old MOTs, invoices for repairs, service reports from your mechanic
  • Exterior condition – how much damage is there on the exterior of the car? This ranges from small scratches, to dents, and major damage to the bodywork.

By adding these extra details, our car valuation tool will be able to provide a much more accurate price for your car.

A fair price for your car

Some online car valuation tools will inflate their quotes to make it more appealing, often adding additional charges and fees once you have started the process. The Creditplus car valuation tool is completely free from start to finish.

We will also give you a fair price for your car. We won’t mislead you by quoting one price for your car now, only to change it at the last minute. Using our online database, we will give you a fair price based on the market value, and this won’t change as long as the details you’ve given us our accurate.

What next?

Once you’ve used our car valuation tool and discovered the value of your car, you will receive offers from our nationwide network of trusted dealers. You can then compare what they offer and decide whether you want to accept or not.

You can then use the money you’ve received and add it to the deposit on your new car. Remember, the larger the deposit, the lower your monthly payments on your car finance.

Haven’t found that perfect new car yet? Why not take advantage of our complete car buying service for you at no extra cost. We will sell your old car for you at a fair price, and then search our network of dealers to find the ideal car for your needs. We will then help you find the perfect car finance package to go with the car. We’ll even deliver it direct to your doorstep.

Creditplus want to give you the tools to find the perfect car. From our online car valuation tool, car finance calculator, and complete car buying service, you have all the tools you need to find your perfect new car. So what are you waiting for? Apply today and get on the road to your new car.