Bad Credit Car Finance

What is Bad Credit Car Finance?

Historically, acquiring a car finance loan with a bad credit rating was very difficult because it was seen as too risky by lenders. In other words, a lender would not have the confidence of the loan being paid back in full from an individual with a bad credit rating.

However, there are many reasons why someone could find themselves with a bad or poor credit rating and it’s not necessarily the result of bad money management practices or poor financial planning. And even if this was the case we also understand people can learn to improve given the right help and resources – see our help guide ‘How to improve your credit score’, or our ‘Beginners guide’.

How Creditplus Can Help You

At Creditplus we believe everyone should be treated fairly, and because a car is such an integral part to support people's day-to-day living, we believe everyone should have a fair chance of owning one.

As such, we have a specialist panel of lenders who offer a broad selection of loan options that can help you if you find yourself with an adverse, poor or bad credit rating. Furthermore, we will do our very best with our extensive experience to ensure that you find the right financial agreement that works with for you and your individual circumstances.

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3 Steps - Get a Bad Credit Car Loan

Step 1:

Submit your details using our online application form. We’ll then run a Soft credit search based on the information you’ve provided but don’t worry – this won’t affect your credit score. You will then receive an instant decision (Terms and conditions apply. Subject to status).

At this stage you don’t need to have already chosen a car or even know how much you’re looking to borrow.

If you find you have been declined this time, don't worry - we have many resources on a website that will help you get you back on track, see our help guide ‘How to improve your credit score’, or our ‘Beginners guide’.


Step 2:

Once your application has been accepted a friendly consultant will be in touch to discuss your requirements and options. Your consultant will be dedicated to support you throughout the process; they will help you with finding your perfect car as well as ensuring you get the fairest financial agreement that suits your individual circumstances.

Rest assured, all of our consultants are fully SAF trained and Creditplus is registered and regulated by the FCA - this means we must treat you fairly and ensure you get an agreement that works for you as an individual.


Step 3:

Once you have discussed and agreed your loan terms and chosen your car with your consultant, you can then simply sit back and let us finalise the deal and process your car.


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Am I Eligible?

With a wide range of lending options specifically tailored to people with bad credit, you could be eligible for car finance – even if you have been refused credit elsewhere.

We also have other options that you could look at, including using a guarantor - for more information visit our Guarantor Loan page.

Apply today to find out if we can help you, without affecting your credit score.

What you need to check your eligibility:

● Your contact details
● 3 years’ address history
● 3 years’ employment details


What you need to check your eligibility:

Your contact details

3 years’ address history

3 years’ employment details

Expert advice from Creditplus

“Here at Creditplus, we understand that trying to get bad credit car finance can be frustrating. We don’t believe that a bad credit rating should prevent you from taking advantage of the benefits of a car finance package. That’s why we work with a wide panel of different, specialist lenders, to provide as many finance options as possible for our customers."

“Just because you have a bad credit rating, or have been refused credit elsewhere, that doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for bad credit car finance. Every year, we help hundreds of customers with adverse credit find an affordable finance package."

“Apply online today, and a member of our friendly team will soon be in touch to discuss your options. Whatever questions or concerns you have about the process, we’ll be ready and waiting to help guide you and answer any questions you have."

“So if you have been considering looking for a bad credit car finance package, get in touch today.”

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