It’s that time of year where everywhere you go, you’ll see love hearts or roses. People will be wracking their brains to find the perfect love poem, while others will be plucking up the courage to ask someone to ‘Be my valentine’. And don’t forget the last-minute lotharios who definitely didn’t forget to buy something and are just going out for a drive for the fun of it.

Have you found that special someone? No, we’re not talking about a significant other. This love of your life will spend its days on your drive. What, you don’t get butterflies when you see what’s parked on your drive? Then you really need to make a change. The good news is, we’ve brought together ten sexy singletons to get your motor running. Roses are red, violets are blue. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day cars that are perfect for you.

Big and beefy


If you want something with a bit of muscle, something that will make you feel safe and sound inside its embrace, then you can’t go far wrong with the Jaguar F-Pace. There’s plenty of muscle under the hood, and you’ll cruise along nice and comfortably. It has style to spare and won’t look too shabby in the car park. Something to make your friends jealous.

Good sense of humour


Some people prefer personality over everything, and a good sense of humour is a must. The Fiat 500 has all the quirk you could want in a car. Its striking looks are strongly tied to its continental background, giving your beau a bit of European flair. But the iconic design is not at the expense of function, with plenty of interior space and sharp handling. 

Green dream


Maybe you want someone who shares your environmental concerns? Then why not go for a Tesla Model S? This is probably the best electric car on the market, with its smart technology features and excellent drivability hiding just how decent a motor it is. Highly coveted by those who care about their carbon footprint, you’ll be able to take more and more road trips with this beauty as the charging network continues to grow at pace. This really is a stunning electric vehicle.

Racy little number


Getting your pulse racing is important for some. You want a thrilling drive, something to make you really feel alive. The Mazda MX-5 returned to the scene like an old flame a few years ago, reminding car lovers across the world why they had fallen in love with this racy little number. Not only is it much more affordable than most coupes, it still has the verve you want from a car like this. Choose this car and you’ll put a smile on your face, and the face of your passenger should you desire to share the love.

Petite and pretty


Size matters for some. But for others, you prefer the petite and dainty. The Nissan Micra was one of the ugly ducklings for a long time, its rather unique design choices making it more beast than beauty. That changed in its most recent design change, with a much nicer, sleeker design that is easier on the eye. Taking this car out won’t cost you too much, with economical engines and excellent MPG. You’ll quickly become attached to the remaining quirks of the car, but there’s not enough to make it too much hassle to drive.

The hunk


The beefcake of the car world, the Land Rover Discovery made its reputation as a workhorse, more common on country lanes than city streets. Over the years, it has lost a bit of that rural charm, however it still carries that rough and ready edge. You’ll drive around in style, lording it over the traffic around you, feeling safe and secure inside your hunk of a motor vehicle. It’s not cheap, but it will make you feel like royalty.

Arm candy


Sometimes you want a car that will turn heads. Something that will get tongues wagging and eyes bulging. So, what’s the car that’s affordable but gets all the catcalls? Well, the BMW 1 Series convertible has everything. It has the classically beautiful BMW design. The distinctive curves and headlights. And then it takes it all off, exposing the smartly designed interior, ergonomic seats, and the technology that can cater to all your needs.  

Bit of rough and tumble


Looking for the outdoors type? Something to whisk you off into the woods for some alfresco adventures? The Mitsubishi L200 is a pickup that will pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go. Off road it excels, with plenty of room in the back for a picnic basket or sleeping bags, so you can enjoy a night under the stars. While it may be a bit rough for the non-rural roads, it’s an honest car that will work hard for your affection.

Cheap and cheerful


Maybe you want someone who will split the bill? Happy with a meal deal instead of gourmet fine dining? Dacia have perfected the affordable effective car and the Dacia Sandero won’t cost a fortune to woo and will keep the running costs down as you go further into your relationship. Despite its price, it’s not too common on the road, giving it that newness that you normally have to spend a fortune for. A hidden gem?

Spouse material


Of course, love is not just about Valentine’s Day. Maybe you want a relationship that will last. So of course, the Ford Fiesta is the one to go for. One of the bestselling cars in the UK over the last decade, it does everything right. Economical, safe, smart to drive. Once you’ve driven one, you’ll be hooked on Fords for the rest of your life.

Ready to find that special someone?

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