Guaranteed car finance


The term ‘guaranteed car finance’ is sometimes used by unscrupulous car finance providers to entice you into making an application.

But the truth is no company can guarantee you’ll be accepted for car finance without running a credit check first.

Any car finance provider that states that they can guarantee a car loan are breaking FCA regulations and should be approached with extreme caution.


Why doesn’t guaranteed car finance exist?

Your eligibility for a loan is determined by lenders, based on your individual circumstances.

This includes your credit history, employment history, address history, and affordability.

If you haven’t provided this information to the lender or broker, there is no guarantee you’ll be accepted.

Companies advertising guaranteed car finance are not only being dishonest, they are also breaking the law.

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended in 2006) states it is illegal to make false claims when selling goods or services.

Any FCA regulated company that fails to abide by the Act, could face legal charges.


Creditplus’ car finance promise

As a responsible lender, we pride ourselves on delivering a fair and transparent service.

Our promise is simple, we treat every applicant as an individual and always strive to get you the best possible finance package.

And by working with a wide panel of trusted lenders, we’re able to offer a broad choice of lending options to suit most credit backgrounds, including those with Bad Credit.


Get an instant decision

If you want an instant car finance decision, simply complete our quick and easy Application Form.

We’ll run a Soft Credit Search to check you’re eligibility, and you’ll receive a decision in just a matter of minutes - without leaving a footprint on your Credit Profile.


Ready to start your car finance?

Check your eligibility today without affecting your credit score and receive an instant decision.

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