Side view of a silver medium-wheelbase van. The front 15% has a pink background, representing the initial payment. The remaining 85% has a blue background, representing the remaining monthly payments.

Van Leasing

Van Leasing

Van leasing is a financial agreement between an individual or business and a leasing provider, that allows daily use of a vehicle for personal or business use over an agreed term. During the term of the agreement the individual or business pays a fixed monthly amount and the vehicle is returned back to the leasing provider at the end of the agreement.

As the van is effectively rented from the leasing company, the responsibility of the vehicle remains with the leasing company, so the downside of owning a van, such as road tax tax, depreciation and selling the van is of no concern to the user. Furthermore, a rolling service package can be included in to the monthly payments to cover all servicing, maintenance and breakdown costs. It's an ideal finance method for anyone looking for that all-inclusive van finance package to drive a new or nearly new van at a lower monthly cost.

Van leasing is the option of choice for many who hold an excellent credit rating. The key advantages are that the user gets to enjoy lower monthly payments for a new or nearly new van that can be changed every few years. Those who don't quite have an excellent credit rating can get a similar arrangement with a PCP finance deal.

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Advantages of Van Leasing

Whether you want a van for personal use or for your business, van leasing provides an affordable solution for all budgets and requirements.

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Why choose Van Leasing?

Hassle free alternative to buying

Drive a newer van without the big upfront cost

Fixed monthly payments for easy budgeting

Tax deductible expenses for businesses

Optional maintenance cover can be included

Get Van Leasing with Creditplus

Unlike other leasing providers, Creditplus offer van leasing finance on nearly new vans as well as brand new vans. Our customers often find this to be very cost effective because a superior model and better equipped van can be included for the same monthly cost.

Creditplus offer leasing deals for both individuals and businesses alike, with our highly competitive personal van leasing (known as Personal Contract Hire) or business van lease (Business Contract Hire) plans to choose from.

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3 Steps to get Van Leasing

Step 1:

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Step 2:

Once you have been approved, one of our experienced consultants will be in touch to discuss your finance options. Please note: we do not currently offer any van sourcing so you will need to find the van yourself and you would like finance for.


Step 3:

Receive your leasing finance package and get your van.


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Van Leasing options

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

PCH is designed for individuals looking to lease a van for personal use, over an agreed period. Your monthly payments are calculated based on the length of your contract and your annual mileage is agreed upfront. PCH offers a van leasing maintenance option, which covers breakdown, service and maintenance. At the end of the agreement you simply return the van to the lender, with nothing further owing (subject to excess mileage and return conditions).

Business Contract Hire (BCH)

With BCH you enjoy all the benefits of personal van leasing, with the added benefit of tax-deductible expenses. Whether you’re a limited company looking for company van leasing options for employees, or a sole trader looking for a single commercial vehicle lease, we can help you find the right finance solution to drive you and your business forward.

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Van Leasing finance example

Image of a white medium-wheelbase van. The front 15% has a pink background, representing the initial payment. The remaining 85% has a blue background, representing the remaining monthly payments. A coloured line below the image is 20% pink initial payment, 80% dark blue monthly repayments, showing how the price of the vehicle is broken down across the agreement.

You’re looking to finance a Ford Transit valued at £35,335 inc VAT. You opt for a 48-month vehicle leasing agreement with a 10,000 annual mileage limit. You make an initial payment of £1,071 inc VAT (equivalent to 3 monthly instalments), followed by 47 monthly payments of £357 inc VAT.

At the end of the contract, you return the van to the lender with nothing to pay, providing the van is returned in an acceptable condition, and you have not exceeded your mileage limit.

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