Guarantor loans

Guarantor loan definition

A guarantor loan is an ideal solution if you’re looking for car finance but have limited, or no credit history. With a guarantor loan, a third party - normally a friend or family member, agrees to make the repayments on your loan, if you find you are unable to make the payments yourself.

Whether you have little or no credit history, or a history of bad credit, a guarantor loan is an effective way of strengthening your application, making it even easier to get accepted for car finance.

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Advantages of guarantor loans

If you have a limited credit history or a poor credit rating, a guarantor can strengthen your application and help you secure the finance you need.

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Why get a guarantor loan?

A great solution if you’re struggling to get accepted for car finance on your own

Affordable monthly repayments make for easy budgeting

Flexible deposit options to suit you

An effective way to build your credit profile and improve your credit rating

If your financial situation changes, you have the support of your guarantor

How do guarantor loans work?

The process of applying for a guarantor loan is just like many other loans, however, they require a guarantor, someone to guarantee the loan.

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The funds are initially transferred to your guarantor, and they must transfer the funds to you

You are responsible for making the monthly repayments directly to the lender

If you fall behind on payments, it's then the responsibility of your guarantor to ensure the loan payments are maintained

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