If money was no object, we would all buy a brand-new vehicle. Sadly, more often than not we can’t afford to stretch our budget and so we are left staring enviously at those shiny new models on the dealer forecourts.

But buying a second-hand car can be a good thing too. In fact, we’re under the opinion that used cars are the best cars. Whether you want to call them preowned or preloved, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful when it comes to choosing a used car. So here are our 10 reasons why used cars are the best cars.

The price is often right

The best thing about used cars is often the price. When you compare the price of a car that’s brand new to one that’s 1-2 years old, you might be surprised at how big the difference there is. If the car is older than that, moving cleanly out of the ‘nearly new’ category to ‘used’, then the savings are even bigger. By going for a used car, the amount of money you have saved or are planning to borrow for a finance package will stretch much further than if you were restricting yourself to just buying a brand new vehicle.

The quality is not that much different

Modern production techniques and build quality means that cars today are much more reliable than they have ever been before. Engines are efficient and clean, safety technology has never been better, and even the interiors and upholstery has never been so good. Whereas if you were buying a used car in the 80s, 90s or even 00s, you were taking a bit of a gamble, cars built in the 10s onwards have been built to last.

More to choose from

The used car market in the UK is huge, with thousands of motors waiting to find a new owner. This means you can have a search and find a car tailored to your exact requirements. From size of the engine, to the colour of the body. Interior comfort options to fancy gadgets and tech, you are spoilt for choice. Just use Creditplus’ search tool and you’ll see the vast number of filters and options you can choose from. So, no matter if you know exactly what you want or just have a vague idea, you’ll be able to find a car perfectly suited to you.

Less fear of the dreaded depreciation

Aside from your home, your car is likely one of the most expensive purchases you are likely to make in your life. But, the value of cars can be hit by depreciation. New cars can lose up to 60% of its value just 3 years from the moment it leaves the dealer forecourt. So if you want to sell that car and get another, you can find you’ve lost a lot of money from your initial investment. Used cars suffer nowhere near as much depreciation, so you are less likely to lose as much of the money you have invested in your car.

You know it drives

This might be a little strange to think about, but new models don’t always guarantee a decent drive. There may be bumps and issues in the car that have not yet been detected by the manufacturer or the consumer. So you could end up facing a recall or having to get your car repaired by the main agent. With a used car, you know it’s been on the road and driven. Just look at the mileage to see how far it’s gone.

Look for the careful owners

If you’re a clever consumer, you can search for a used car that has a full and thorough history. Careful owners will have had their car serviced by a main agent approved garage and have service stamps in the log book. They’ll also keep any invoices and receipts in the car’s file, showing an accurate record of all the repairs the car has had. A full and complete history book shows that you can get a car that’s been well-looked after. Meaning some used cars have been kept in pristine condition, making them almost indistinguishable from nearly-new and new.

One long test drive

The models that different car makers produce have different quirks and mannerisms. So if you buy a new car from that maker, you might find yourself getting frustrated at how the car drives, or how certain systems work. Buying a used car gives you a chance to test drive the manufacturer, to see if it’s a good fit for you. That way, if you buy a new car in the future, you know that they make the sort of car that suits you. Now how else would you get such a long and detailed test drive of a carmaker?

Recycling and reusing

Buying a used car is also a great way of recycling. It’s not just clothes and furniture that you can help the planet by buying second-hand. Choosing a used car, albeit one with an engine that’s not too dirty, helps the planet in the long run. The more used cars are used, the less the need for brand new cars, meaning less production, less pollution, and a brighter future for everyone.

Less precious

If you’ve got a brand new car, you might be a little cautious or hesitant to really use the vehicle. That can mean you don’t drive it as often as you would like, or you become a bit strange when someone gets in the passenger seat with muddy boots or sticky fingers. You can relax more with a used car. You won’t be crying at every little dent and scrape. And, if you’re like me, your car can become a bit of a second home. It’s where you often have lunch, or take long journeys filled with snacks and sweets. So you need a car that won’t make you feel guilty for really losing it.

Great finance deals

You can get some fantastic car finance deals on used vehicles. The sheer volume of cars to choose from, combined with a wide range of providers available, means you can get a fantastic finance deal. Apply online with Creditplus, and we’ll help you find the perfect finance package to go with your perfect used car. Then you’ll be loving your used car just as much as any other.

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