The New Year has many of us setting resolutions to help us make changes in the year ahead. From weight loss to quitting smoking, we all have that one thing we want to do that needs a fresh year to give us impetus.

One of the most common tasks we set ourselves for the year ahead is to save money. But going from free-spending to frugal isn’t always easy. So here are our tips on how you can save money in 2021.

Set yourself a budget (and stick to it)

If you’re like me, you’ll find that you go into most months without a plan. But that’s one of the easiest ways to waste money. If you don’t have a plan, you can end up buying things that you don’t need, leading to less cash in your pocket.

At the start of each month, take a look at your income and outgoings. Once you’ve said aside money for regular bills and fees, you should look at what’s left over and set yourself a weekly budget. This should be for food as well as fun – being on a budget doesn’t mean depriving yourself of joy!

Use comparison sites to get a better deal

It’s easy to sleepwalk into paying too much for your gas, electric, internet and insurance bills. You might think it’s a hassle to shop around and make the changes. But comparison sites have never been better and, with so many on the market, they are fighting to make themselves worth your time.

Check your costs and see if you could be paying less on your bills. Some websites will even do the switch for you, so you can get put on a better deal with minimal hassle.

Change your car to something more economical

One of the biggest expenses is your car, especially if you spend a lot of time at the petrol pump each week. If you are driving an older car or one with a dirty engine, it might be time to change to something cheaper to run.

You may also have a car that’s not suitable for your daily needs. So if you are driving smaller distances, you might not need a car that’s meant for cruising along motorways. Changing to something smaller and cheaper to run can also help save you money in the long term.

Look for coupon sites to get a good deal

There’s no need to have a boring life if you are budgeting. There are so many coupon websites online these days that you can get a discount for almost anything. From takeaways to meals out, even holidays and spa weekends! You will need to plan in advance to ensure you get the time and date you want, but you can get such a large variety of different discounts, that you’ll save a lot of money. They also make great gifts for people. 

Just make sure you check the terms and conditions. If they require you to use your coupon at off-peak times or when it’s not suitable, you might end up wasting your money.

Teach yourself to cook

Save money on eating out and takeaway by teaching yourself how to cook. Not only will you learn a skill that can be really useful in a whole host of ways (from romantic to parenting), but you’ll be saving money too. Learning some simple cookery skills can mean that you can turn what’s in the fridge into a delicious meal that will have you putting down the takeaway menu.

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