We are a nation of dog lovers. If you head anywhere, from the park to the pub, the beach to the forest, you will find people taking their beloved four-legged friends for a walk. Getting your dog out and about is not only good for your pooch, but it is also a great way to relax and unwind or get yourself active. And we all love spending far too much money on dog accessories, from toys to treats.

But do we think enough about our cars? Is your vehicle fit for your dog? You may have thought about your own needs and the requirements of your family – whatever the size. Isn’t it time you played consideration for the hairiest member of your family? (Unless you have a particularly hirsute relative – hi uncle Paul!)

Here are our seven best cars for dog owners.

1. Land Rover Discovery Sport


Let’s just get this one out the way. Of course, there would be a Land Rover on our list of the best cars for dogs. Perfect if you have a pair of big dogs who need long walks in the country to tire themselves out. There’s plenty of room in the boot to fit them in and the Discovery Sport comes with two optional extras that are perfect for your pets.

The first is a built in shower that can give your dogs a quick hose down to remove the worst of the mud and dirt they will definitely pick up on their walk. The second is the ramp. So if your dog is a bit long in the tooth, you can give them easy access in and out. Ideal for ageing joints or lazy mutts!

2. BMW 5 Series Touring


If you want to feel like top dog then you can’t go wrong with the BMW 5 Series. It has everything you need to keep humans happy. Smart technology, powerful drive, ergonomic and comfortable interior design that makes driving feel like sitting on your sofa relaxed.

Your dog or dogs will feel just as comfortable. The Touring trim has a big boot space with no lip for your dogs to jump over. The drive is also smooth thanks to the suspension, so they won’t be getting bashed about in the back, even if you’ve ventured deep into the countryside.

3. Skoda Superb Estate


If you want a car that’s going to be as good for everyday use as it is for doggy time, then the Skoda Superb Estate is a great option. Skoda build some of the best all-rounders on the market and this car is no exception.

A big old boot means you can get your dogs in the back comfortably, while the relatively low boot opening means your dogs won’t have had to pass any agility training to get in and out. The Superb is also a lot more affordable than the Discovery or the BMW 5 Series, so you can spend more on treats for the dog and you.

4. Peugeot Rifter


Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the ones you love. In this case, its giving up your sleek saloon or sporty hatchback for something that’s a bit more spacious in the boot. The Pegueot Rifter is not going to win any beauty contests. However it will score when it comes to fitting your dogs in the boot. Whether it’s a pair of labradors or a trio of terriers, the Rifter’s boot space is one of the biggest on the market.

The Rifter’s other big feature is the lack of a lip into the boot. You open the door and there’s no need for your dog to jump in or out over the edge, they can walk straight off.

5. Volvo V60


Another smart estate, the Volvo V60 comes from Sweden, another nation of animal lovers who have clearly had more than a passing thought for the good boys and girls in the boot. The diesel engine gives the car plenty of power, almost in contrast to the wood-panelled effect finish inside, that gives the car a classy, prestigious feel.

If looks are what you worry about, then this is the estate for you. Add in the big boot space and the money you’ll save on the high end diesel engine, and it won’t just be the dogs wagging their tails in delight.

6. Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Estate


A bit more down to earth than the V60, the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Estate (try saying that without a pause for breath in the middle!) is designed for the driver who wants an all-round practical, affordable alternative to the flashier cars on the market.

You might not care as much about dog dirt in this model, as the price is much more affordable than the German and Scandinavian models on the list. The Sports part of its name means it has a nice smooth ride that won’t bump around too much. And, despite the price, you won’t miss out on boot space as it is comparable to the V60 and 5 Series.

7. Dacia Logan MCV Estate


If you really want to save money on your dog-mobile, then you can’t go wrong with the Dacia Logan MCV Estate. The Romanian car company do one thing and one thing well – low cost practical vehicles that have no frills but give you a nice drive without any razzmatazz.

The low cost is obviously the USP, but the boot space is big and spacious for your four-legged friends, who don’t really care what badge is on the front of the car. The economical choice.

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