It seems today that you can buy absolutely anything on online. No matter if it’s food, furniture, entertainment or even medical services, you can find it all just a few clicks away. Buying a car is no different.

But is buying a car online really suitable? You might hesitate to give it a go as it’s a large expense to risk on an online purchase. But buying online is a lot simpler and safer than you might think. Here are 7 reasons why buying online is better.

A lot more to choose from

The biggest advantage of buying a car online is that you can choose cars from all across the country. You’re not limited to the cars on the forecourt at your local dealers. Instead, you can go from Land’s End to John ‘O’ Groats, searching every showroom with an online presence to find the perfect vehicle. And when you do decide on a make and model that suits you best, you can look for the best price and spec from the thousands of options available.

If you were to buy offline, you’d have to travel from showroom to showroom to look at the cars. When you search online, you can search the entire country in almost an instant. So no matter where you are based, you can find a model that you like.

Instantly read reviews

If you do find a car that you like, then the next step is to find out more information about it. At the showroom, you’d have just the car’s service history and the salesperson’s spiel to inform you what the car is like. But when you search online, you can take the time you need to dig in deeper into each model. You can see what expert review websites like Top Gear, WhatCar? or Auto Express think of the make and model you’re looking at.

You can also go on consumer review websites and read through what people who own and drive the car on a daily basis think about the vehicle. This can bring to light issues that might affect you personally, such as whether the car is suitable for families or provides the fuel economy that is advertised.

While you can always go visit a showroom and come back, doing it all online saves you so much time and means you can quickly narrow down the one you want.

Less pushy salespeople

If you are a shy person or someone who hates being giving the hard sales pitch, visiting a car showroom can be your worst nightmare. While the image of a car salesperson that you see on TV or in the films is a big exaggerated, there’s no secret that they will try and do what they can to convince you to buy.

For those of you who are a bit more savvy about cars or have a high resistance to sales talk, that can be fine. But for those a bit weaker in will, it’s easy to have yourself being pressed into buying something that you didn’t want to buy.

Check how trusted a seller is

You can also easily check how trustworthy a car dealer is when you shop online. A brief search of their business name will bring hundreds of reviews from previous customers of the dealer. It shouldn’t take you long to realise if the dealer is someone you want to do any business with.

And if the showroom doesn’t have any reviews online, then that can be a big red flag as to if they are a reputable company to do business with or not.

Instantly compare finance options

When you buy online, one of the biggest advantages is that you can instantly compare finance options across a whole range of lenders. In person at the showroom, you are limited to the provider that the dealer is working with. But online, you have access to all the finance options on the market, meaning you can compare packages to find one that suits you.

You can also often adjust the amount you want to borrow, length of time you want to borrow for, and the size of your deposit, so you can tweak the package to find a quote that suits you. And if you apply for finance through Creditplus, you’d get an instant online decision on the options you have available and whether or not you qualify.

More protection than you think

You may think that there is a larger element of risk when you buy online. That you might order one car only to have something completely different and a lot worst turn up at your doorstep, and be left with no option but to keep it. But the growth in popularity in online selling has led to more protection for consumers and car buying is no option.

Check the terms and conditions when you buy, but most will have at least a 14-day money back guarantee on purchases made online. As long as you don’t trash the car, you can give it a test drive and see if it’s a good fit. Any problems, you should be able to return the car to the dealer – hassle free.

This puts the onus on the dealer to ensure that 1) they don’t mis-sell you the vehicle in the first place, and 2) make the package much more attractive. For example, here at Creditplus, all cars we find, fund, deliver are RAC approved, meaning they’ve had a thorough inspection by a qualified mechanic to ensure its in good working order.

Delivery straight to your door

And of course, having the car delivered direct to your door is very exciting. Having a brand new vehicle turn up on the back of a trailer, expertly polished and cleaned before being rolled off to your driveway, well it’s going to be a great feeling. Especially if you have nosy neighbours who you would love to give something to twitch their curtains at! The car is also ready to drive as soon as it arrives, so you don’t have to do anymore paperwork, just get behind the wheel and go!