We’re officially in the Christmas limbo. That period where reality slips away and is replaced by a whole new realm filled with chocolate, alcohol and turkey. Your normal routine suddenly feels like a distant memory and your work stress is long-but forgotten. And with the New Year just days around the corner you reassure yourself you will condone your indulgent behaviour by setting a New Year’s resolution, which let’s face it, is most often unrealistic.

So this year, why not set yourself a New Year’s resolution which is more achievable? Little changes go a long way, and by setting yourself small goals you’ll be more likely to succeed. So why not take a look at our 8 driving New Year’s resolutions which are easy to stick to and will benefit you, and those around you.

1. Give way to other drivers


We all lead busy lives and when we have right of way and we’re in a rush it’s tempting to keep our foot down and ignore other drivers waiting at a junction, (after all you do have right of way!). However, slowing down to let them out will only add a couple of seconds to your journey, yet could make a big impact to their waiting time. And if you want people to let you out, you should be prepared to offer the same nicety in return!

2. Respect the speed limits


Many of us are guilty for not giving speed limits the respect they deserve, especially when we’re running late. However, speed limits play a vital role in our protection and road safety. So starting from now, make a conscious effort to stick to the limits, even when you’re in a rush!

3. Keep your cool 


Unfortunately, there are lots of bad drivers on the roads, and sometimes it’s easy to allow yourself to get aggravated by their poor driving behaviour and respond with unnecessary honking, tailgating or hand gestures. However, retaliating in this way does not help the problem and only puts yourself and other road users at more of a risk. Make a New Year’s resolution to instead, take a deep breath, give yourself space and remain cool.

4. Show your car you care


We should all carry out basic maintenance checks to our cars on a regular basis to prevent any unnecessary problems. If you are guilty of neglecting your car, make a New Year’s resolution to regularly check your engine oil and your water levels every couple of weeks. You should also check your tyre pressure and look for any wear and tear they may have suffered.

5. Stop idling


It’s easy to leave your engine running while you’re sat waiting for a friend or stuck in a long traffic jam. However, engine idling releases unnecessary harmful emissions that could easily be avoided. Air pollution caused by car emissions is becoming a big problem in the UK, especially in urban areas and the government is now pressing individuals to help tackle the issue by turning their engines off when possible. So next time you’re sat waiting in your car with the engine running, spare a thought for the emissions you’re releasing and the affect this is having on the health of those around you.

6. Keep your distance


This is an important one as maintaining the distance between you and the car in front of you massively reduces the likelihood of an accident. A good way of checking your distance is by using the two second rule. Apply this rule by picking a fixed point in the distance, and as the driver in front of you passes this point, you should be able to count two seconds before passing the point yourself. Note that if you are driving in wet or icy conditions, you should adjust your distance to four seconds to allow for extra braking time.

7. Clean up after yourself


This may not be something everyone struggles with, however for many us, keeping your car clean is just as challenging as getting out of bed in the morning. Set yourself a resolution of removing those empty sandwich cartons, crisp packets and week-old apple cores so that each time you step into your car, you’re greeted with a clean, fresh interior, as opposed to the usual smelly clutter you’ve become so accustomed to. This will not only improve your mood and driving experience, but your passengers’ too.

8. Upgrade your vehicle 


Finally, as a New Year’s resolution why not do what you’ve been putting off all year and upgrade your vehicle with a newer model? We understand you’re likely to be feeling the financial drain from Christmas right now, however, our vast range of finance options mean we can likely provide a finance solution to suit your individual circumstances.

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