Last week our blog looked at ULEZ, an Ultra-Low Emission Zone initiated by the government to tackle the toxic air produced by car emissions in London. This week, we take a look at air quality in other parts of the UK, and the action that’s being taken to help us all breathe cleaner air.

Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones are another government-led scheme which is being introduced in an attempt to improve air quality in other parts of the UK. By January 2020, the government hopes to have clean air zones operating in 5 major UK cities. So where will these Clean Air Zones be located and what will it mean for drivers in these areas?


Southampton is one of the cities participating in the Clean Air Zone program and the city council have announced that as part of their clean air strategy, the most polluting vehicles (older buses, coaches, taxis and lorries), will face a penalty charge when they enter the zone. Unlike the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London, private cars will not be subject to this penalty.

As part of the program, Southampton are offering an incentive scheme for taxi drivers who own a vehicle which doesn’t meet the required emission standards. If a taxi driver trades in their vehicle for a low emission alternative, they will be offered a cashback sum of up to as much as £3000, subject to the vehicle the driver decides to opt for.


Leeds is another city taking part in the program, with plans to cover more than half of the city. They too will be introducing a charge for the most polluting vehicles on the roads. In addition to this, they have requested £27 million of government funding to help support local businesses in upgrading their vehicles with ones which meets the newer Euro Standards.


A Clean Air Zone will also be operating in Nottingham City which will run alongside the development projects the council has already put in place to reduce emissions and improve the functionality of public transport. This includes their Express Way and Clean Airways projects, which were in introduced in 2014 to improve public transport speed and sustainability. As part of these projects, Leeds have introduced a variety of new features including full electric plug-in bus services, an expanded park and ride and inbound and outbound bus priority.


Birmingham is also among the group of cities introducing a clean zone by 2020. Their Clean Air Zone will cover the city centre and all roads within the A4540 Middle ring road. They are also looking into alternative methods of reducing air pollution by improving public transport, upgrading engines and building more low emission refuelling stations.


There are also plans to introduce a Clean Zone in Derby, with similar charges to be applied. They too, are exploring the possibilities of an incentive scheme targeting residents, employees and small businesses.

Our Incentive

At Creditplus we are very aware of the environmental impacts caused by older vehicles, which is why we want to offer you the opportunity to trade in your vehicle if it no longer meets the newer emission standards!

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