2018 is set to bring us the first royal wedding since Prince William married Kate Middleton back in 2011.

Yesterday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement was officially announced, with the date of the wedding set to be in May next year.

While some wondered what Meghan’s dress will be like (stunning, obviously), others were more curious to know whether a royal wedding would mean an extra bank holiday! It doesn't, sadly.

At Creditplus however, we were more interested in speculating about the couple’s choice of wedding car.

 Kate Middleton

While Kate Middleton went traditional on her wedding day (pictured above, arriving with her father), we reckon Harry and Meghan should go for something a bit more unusual. They’re regarded by many as a breath of fresh air for the monarchy, so we think their wedding should reflect that.

Wedding cars have become an increasingly popular way of injecting some personality into your big day, with a recent surge in demand for more interesting rides like classic VW camper vans and famous film and TV cars.

We’ve scoured the internet for our pick of the best and quirkiest wedding cars, fit for a prince!

1. 1970's New York Checker Cab

Yellow Cab

RR Elite

A fun and quirky nod to Meghan’s native US, while also being eye-catching – this is one ride guests won’t forget in a hurry! Plus, like Meghan, this former NY taxi cab has a celebrity past, having once been featured in a Boyzone video!

2. The Mystery Machine

Mystery Machine

Premier Novelty Vehicles

Picture the scene. Harry and Meghan, snuggled up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn watching Scooby Doo - what? It could happen!

On the off chance the couple are secret Scooby Doo fans, what better way to tell the world that Harry wants to be the Fred to Meghan’s Daphne, than in the iconic Mystery Machine?

3. Classic Land Rover

Land Rover

Quirky Wedding Cars

Land Rovers have long been a Royal Family favourite. Prince George was famously brought home from the hospital in the couple’s Range Rover and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Jaguar Land Rover’s Solihull factory just last week, where Kate even took part in an off-road driving experience!

This beautiful vintage 1968 Land Rover could just be the perfect choice for Meghan and Harry, not least of all because it boasts plenty of space – essential for the bride’s dress, which is sure to be spectacular!

4. World War II Austin Seven Military Reconnaissance Tourer

Military vehicle

Premier Carriage

A tribute to Harry’s time in the military, this could be the perfect way for the groom to arrive at the church. Olive, as she’s known, even has a loud Klaxon Horn – not that Harry will need to draw any more attention to himself; we’re pretty sure all eyes will be on him already! Until the bride shows up of course…

5. 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible



An iconic American classic befitting an iconic American princess, this gorgeous pink convertible has had a host of celebrity drivers, including Diana Dors and George Michael.

6. Ford Model A Hot Rod

Hot Rod


Because, let's be honest, nothing screams 'royal wedding' quite like a Hot Rod.

Whatever mode of transport the happy couple chooses, we have no doubt they’ll be arrive in style.

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