Dear Diary,

Month two has been a special month, let’s say. Many, many things have gone on.

Firstly, let’s just address what everyone’s thinking about… the weather. What even happened last month? If you don’t know what I’m on about, you must be living under a rock, but rest assured I’ll catch you up.

So, Storm Emma graced us with her presence! She was a savage, to say the least. She took no prisoners and made sure that the whole of the UK came to a halt; along with the water feature in my garden.

Apparently, we experienced our worst winter since 1991. I wouldn’t know as I wasn’t born, but you would’ve thought that 27 years would be enough time to prepare for the next big hit, am I right?

Am I Right Maya Rudolph GIF
But, no. Once again, the United Kingdom gets slammed by the floating ice in the sky, so of course, we panic-buy bread.

Much to our surprise, the snow did not stop there! Emma strikes again! Which means I practically had a breadless month. Rumour has it, she is meant to come again, but pfftt, that’s Aprils problem.

*Note to self… buy more bread*

Now that the weather seems to have gone back to normal (or whatever registers as “normal” around here), I am very VERY happy to tell you that I now have full creative freedom with Creditplus’ social media platforms. It is my task to get everyone interacting with each other, and to give the pages a nice revamp. I will be online from 9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday, so hit me up!

Social media collage Creditplus

P.S. You will be seeing a lot more “Friends” quotes and pictures of puppies, just because.

Along with the social media platforms, I am now a regular blogger for Creditplus. I can never thank Creditplus enough for helping me realise my passion for writing. Finding your passion is an endless gift, so I thank you.

My colleague, Sara and I have taken on the charity fundraising for the RNLI, so we have been planning some exciting events! Never a dull moment at Creditplus!

I have been a busy bee this month and I don’t think that will change in the foreseeable future. Green tea is my best friend, and my energy source, it seems.

I’ll keep you up to date, and let you know what goes on next month.


Till next time,

Molly x