What’s your dream car? Unless you have rather tame, all too realistic ambitions, most people’s dream cars are some of the most expensive vehicles on the planet. Getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren is prohibitively expensive. A dream drive several hundred thousand pounds out of our price range.

The idea of a supercar driving experience seems too good to be true. Being able to drive that dream motor without having to pay for it, what could be better? The question is, do you really get what you want from these expensive days out or are they a bit underwhelming? Are supercar driving experiences worth it? Here are some top tips to help you decide if it’s worth it.

Do your research before you buy

Supercar experiences are more widely available than ever. So there’s no need to just choose the one closest to you. If there’s a racetrack nearby, then chances are they will have a few experiences to choose from. But they might not have the car of your dreams.

Have a look online and check out some of the top providers. There are a few big name brands, but don’t be afraid to check out smaller specialist providers, especially if the car you love is a bit more niche. If one doesn’t have your dream car, then chances are that another one will. A quick internet search will let you compare prices too, so you can find one that’s the best value for money. You should check out some reviews to see what other customers think of the experience.

You may want to have a long look at the prices too, as if you just go for the cheapest, it might not be the experience you hoped for. It could be better to save up for a slightly more experience supercar driving experience that answers our next tip.

Make sure it’s the experience you want

 There are a few different types of supercar driving experience. The most common one takes you to a racetrack and lets you let rip around a few laps. Others let you effectively test drive the car for a while. The question you have to ask is, what do you want? 

Driving really fast is a thrill for some, but for others, that’s not what we want from our car. We want to just feel what it’s like to be behind the wheel of our favourite car. Also check if you’ll actually be driving the car, or if you’ll be the passenger. As there’s a big difference between the two and you don’t want to end up disappointed.

And make sure you get the amount of time you want with the car. Supercar driving experiences aren’t the cheapest. So find out in advance just how much time you get with the car. You don’t want to have the experience cut off short just because you didn’t check exactly what the experience entailed.


Write your own review afterwards

Reviews give prospective buyers honest feedback on how an experience is to take part in. So if you’ve enjoyed an experience or found it underwhelming, write a review! You could help encourage another driver to live their dream. Or you could put off someone else making the same expensive mistake you did.

Get your sporty car

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