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Arsenal Announce New French Signing


10 years ago to this very day an Arsenal team packed full of French players completed their unbeaten season and ‘The Invincibles’ were born!

Today, in 2014 Arsenal have secured the signature of another of their French stars, one that has come on leaps and bounds recently showing the flair and style you would expect from the French. Creditplus has the scoop that all of the sports pages have missed.


We introduce Citroën.

Before you say it, yes that is the same name as the car manufacturer. This however is no strange coincidence. Arsenal has just agreed a new three year partnership with the French automotive company.

It is no surprise really. Arsene Wenger is the longest serving manger in the premier league and he has always put his faith in players from his home country – even if the current crop including Sanga, Koscielny and Sanogo are some way off the standard of the Invincibles of Henry, Pires and Vieira – so the partnership ties in well.

While Newcastle United FC might be feeling disappointed that their team which is packed full of French players were overlooked, the terrible end to the season they endured shows that they are still some way behind the Arsenal brand.

In the last couple of years the famous Thierry Henry and Renault phrase ‘va va voom’ has actually been more appropriate for Citroën. They have done some serious work on their styling and in particular the Citroën DS3 has won acclaim throughout the motoring industry.

The football that Arsenal play even relates to Citroën brand with lots of style and control, whilst being easy on the eye. The DS3 for example is not the fastest or most economical car, but it is great looking and most people like watching it.

As part of the renewed deal Citroën will continue to have a significant brand presence around Emirates Stadium, as well as coaches and staff being provided with Citroën Vehicles to use.

Linda Jackson, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, commented: “Citroën and Arsenal have enjoyed a positive and successful partnership since 2008 and we’re delighted to be continuing that association. This is a very exciting time for the Citroën brand and we look forward to sharing our fresh thinking and excitement for our new models with Arsenal and the Club’s loyal fan community.”

So while Arsenal head out to compete in the FA Cup final on Saturday looking to win their first trophy in ten years, they can rest assured that on the commercial side of the business, they are still fighting strong.


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