The new James Bond Spectre trailer debuted this morning and with it came our first look at the Aston Martin DB10 in action. The stunning car built especially for the film is given centre stage in the trailer, with a quick demonstration of one of the additional extra features that won’t be available to the general public.

"A few little tricks up her sleeve."

The Aston Martin DB10 makes its entrance 30 seconds into the new trailer, Q revealing the car to Bond. "Zero to Sixty in 3.2 seconds with a few little tricks up her sleeve." After the success of the DB9 in the previous film, as well as the return of the Aston Martin DB5 for the climax of Skyfall, Aston Martin were keen to capitalise on brand Bond once again.


The highlight of the trailer is the return of the famous Q gadgetry. In a chase scene set on the streets of Rome, Bond in his Aston Martin DB10 is being closely pursued by evil henchman Mr Hinx in his Jaguar C-X75.


The chase leads them beside a river, with the Jaguar closing in. Bond seizes his moment.


With a flick of the Backfire switch, a burst of flame erupts out of the back of the DB10, engulfing the Jaguar C-X75 chasing behind.

Eight Aston Martins were donated to the production of Spectre, with one used for the hero "glamour" shots, others adapted for the wide range of stunts that take place in the film. Many of the stunts take place in the nighttime chase through the streets of Rome, set to be the action centrepiece of James Bond "Spectre".

The new film is scheduled for release in the UK on the 26th of October. Bond and film fans will be eagerly anticipating the other "tricks" the Aston Martin DB10 has up its sleeve. More from Creditplus: The cars of Mad Max: Fury Road - We took a look at the mechanical monsters built for the post apocalyptic road epic. Ten awesome movie car chases - A rundown of the best from the silver screen, and of course, Bond is in there. The ten best Fast and Furious cars - Our pick for the best cars from the fast film series.

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