One of the smartest looking cars on the market, the Audi A3 is a popular choice for the modern professional. But whether you need to make an impression at a business meeting, cruise along happily on a commute, or just want to take your first trip in an Audi, is the A3 any good? Here’s the Creditplus review.

Type of car

The Audi A3 is normally described as an executive or statement car. This is cars that have been designed for professionals or business people. “Executive” is because it is a class of car used by professionals who either commute or travel around for business meetings. “Statement” because this type of car says a lot about their owner – they are wealthy, successful individuals who aren’t too shy to have it all on display. This type of car is not for those who are shy. You want to make an impression. The Audi A3 certainly does that.

But the Audi A3 is also considered to be a good option for a small family car. While it has the looks and design of something sportier, you might find that it could make for a more premium choice to ferry your family around.


Now in its 3rd generation, the Audi A3 has many of features that make cars from its manufacturer so distinctive. The iconic Audi front grille dominates the front of the car as it does every other bearing the distinctive 4 silver rings that signify the German brand. Same too with those blocky headlights, now glaring out with LED lights rather than standard bulbs.

Audi cars used to have a more distinctive, rather blocky look to their shapes and curves. Improvements in aerodynamics and car safety has softened many of the sharp edges. But you can’t escape that Audi feel from the car. Whether that’s a pro or a con is down to your appetite for this German maker. Chances are it’s going to be one of the biggest factors.

How does it drive?

With this type of car, you want a combination of sporty performance with a ride that isn’t too bumpy on long motorway journeys. The Audi A3 has been designed to be fun to drive without sacrificing that comfort, but just how smooth the ride is depends on the engine you go for, and how much you want to pay. The higher-end more expensive types have a better suspension, but in all types, it can be a little firm. Even so, the ride is still comfortable, and you won’t feel your bones rattled too much by any bump in the road.

In terms of speed, the manual gearbox version has been clocked at an impressive 0-60mph in around 8 seconds. Once you get going, you’ll fully appreciate how well-balanced the steering is, giving you a feeling of complete control of the car, even at the faster speeds.

Inside the car

As you expect with a German built car, the inside of the Audi A3 is a technology lovers dream. There are many different options to choose from, depending on how much money you want to spend. You can opt for sporty driving seats in the S line version, while there are various levels of infotainment you can choose between. But even as standard, the 10-inch infotainment screen has been well designed so you won’t find yourself lost amongst many menus and can easily connect your Android or Apple phone. If you want to give yourself a real treat, opt for the built-in SatNav that can take you to a destination that you write on the screen with your finger.

Steering wheel controls means you can adjust most options without having to take your hands off controlling the vehicle. Climate control has also been changed to buttons, after other Audis had a somewhat fiddly touchscreen system. You can easily adjust the temperature without having to play around with the screen too much.

A factor often overlooked is cabin noise – just how quiet is the drive? The Audi A3 has impressive quietness at normal speeds. When you hit the motorway, that noise can get louder, but you won’t be hearing the engine strain and wind noise is nicely adjusted.


Last tested in 2012, the Audi A3 scored exceptionally well in the Euro NCAP car safety tests. Not just for adults, which scored an incredibly high 95% protection score. Child occupants have been assessed at having 87% protection. When you consider that 90% is almost unheard of in the car industry, then you should be confident that if you have your family in the car, you’ll be able to keep them safe.

The safety features available in the A3 have become one of the big selling points, albeit many are optional extras. Lane control, blindspot detection, automatic braking – all the smartest new safety tech is available in the A3 at varying levels of price point. But even without the smart tech, there are driver and passenger airbags that will protect the front occupants, and the brake assist will help bring you to a halt should you have to slam your foot on the brakes.

One of the smartest new techs is the Audi pre-sense. Still relatively new, this system is designed to analyse the road ahead and spot dangers before it would be humanly possible to do so. Available in the newest models, it’s something definitely worth considering if you have the budget.


The Audi A3 is, unsurprisingly, and excellent option for the modern professional. The fantastic handling and performance make it a joy to drive, be it on long motorway journeys to business meetings, or just winding along country roads. Add to that the vast range of entertainment and comfort options, as well as the safety tech to make driving even easier.

But the Audi A3 can make for a decent small family car. It has the space and comfort inside to keep your children happy, and the excellent safety features mean you can be sure they are protected. Whether you want them inside a car this plush, that’s down to you! It’ll make for a great car whatever you decide, be it purely professional or something to keep your kids happy too.

Find your perfect Audi A3

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