Make the most out of your car this season with our guide to all things autumn driving. And if your car isn’t up to the task, then we have our top choice for your new car this season.

There’s no better time of year to get out on the road than autumn. The roads are less busy and the weather has cooled down enough to make long drives more comfortable. Here are our tips on what to do with your car this autumn, how to make sure it’s ready for the season, and our choice for the best car for autumn driving.

Where to drive this autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to head out to one of the UK’s many fantastic forests. Fallen leaves cover the ground in a magical wonderland for children, dogs and nature lovers to explore.


Driving through the forest in autumn can be beautiful.

If the thought of the forest sounds a bit too muddy, why not head to the seaside? You may think that coastal towns are a bit dull in the autumn, but they are perfect for long walks along the beach or coastal paths. And fish and chips taste great all year round.

Top picks


A New Forest pony poses for the camera.

The New Forest has lots to discover, with wild ponies and deer waiting to be found, as well as some nice country pubs where you can warm up afterwards. Another great destination to visit is Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, home of the famous outlaw and an 800 year old tree – the Major Oak.

Whitby is a famous seaside town that has fantastic beaches and literary history to explore. It is, after all, where Dracula made his home! And for donkey rides and spectacular illuminations, Blackpool beach is an ideal choice.


Blackpool beach is better than its reputation suggests.

Is your car ready for the season?

The weather can change in an instant in autumn. One minute it can be cloudy and grey, the next it can be bright and clear. The only thing that can be guaranteed is rain and plenty of it. Combine that with fallen leaves and you will want to ensure that your tyres have plenty of grip. Time to check the tread and make sure they are at the correct pressure. You can find this out by looking at your vehicles handbook.

It might also be time to clean the casings around your headlights. Nights draw in quicker in autumn, so you will want to make the most out of your lights, so remove the plastic casing and give it a good wash with warm soapy water. Now is also the time to change any busted light bulbs.

Another thing you might want to consider is keeping a few supplies in your car, whether it’s after a long road trip or you are retreating to your car after the rain hits. A change of shoes that aren’t covered in mud or leaves will give you grip on your pedals. A blanket can help warm up those in your car. And a thermos, some that can even be plugged into your car, can provide a nice hot drink to warm up your insides.

Creditplus pick for the best car for autumn

You might be thinking your car is not up to the task of autumn driving. Now is a great time to change before Christmas comes and money gets tighter. So what car should you go for? Our top autumn driving pick is the Skoda Octavia Estate. It has excellent control and handling, even in adverse weather conditions. There is plenty of space inside to fit your family in. And the in-car technology options available are top notch, so you can get heated seats or climate control.


The Skoda Octavia is our top autumn pick.

Finance your new car this autumn

Whether you want to make the most of autumn driving or you are simply in the mood for a change, Creditplus can help get you behind the wheel of a fantastic new car. Our complete car buying service means you can put your feet up and let us do the hard work for you. Simply complete our online application form and your dedicated customer advisor will start doing all the hard work for you.