A lot of hard work goes into the Creditplus blog. Our team of top automotive and finance bloggers put a lot of time and effort into creating the most informative, entertaining and insightful articles and features that cover a wide range of topics and interests. We don’t see the blog as just selling car finance. We see it as a way of showcasing our approach to helping customers find the information they need, as well as exploring our love for all things automotive.

That’s why we are extremely delighted to have been rewarded for our hard work. The UK Blog Awards recognises the best and brightest from the UK’s blogosphere across a number of categories, including fashion, travel, weddings, lifestyle and automotive. The competition is open to individual bloggers and company bloggers, providing a great way to discover new blogs to follow. Since the awards began in 2013, Creditplus have been recognised at each of the awards, with a total of three commendations and a win at the UK Blog Awards 2015.

Highly Commended Automotive Blog in the Company category 2014

Winner Best Automotive Blog in the Company category 2015

Highly Commended Automotive Blog in the Company category 2016

Highly Commended “Best Storytelle” in the Company category 2016

You can view the current blog team over at our “Meet The Team” page.

Past members who contributed to the blogs success include: Samantha Chilcott, Stephanie Hughes, Mark Humphrys, Tom Wood, Rosie Cheers and Luke Tovey.

Our top tips for creating an award winning blog

So how have we managed to keep up our success at the blog awards? Here are some top tips for writing and maintaining your blog:


  • Update regularly
      – If you don’t update your blog regularly, then your regular readers will gradually stop coming back. Having fresh content is important if you want to build your blog.
    Great visuals
      – Finding high quality images for your blog can be difficult, but the time and effort needed is worth it. Basic stock photos are normally ugly and generic. Create a distinctive visual identity for your blog and you will reap the benefits.
      – It’s important that your blog works properly. Any errors or bugs and visitors will be quick to leave your site. Make sure that all the pages and images are working on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
    Have a distinctive voice
      – No one wants to read something written by a robot. Put your personality into your posts, whether its a sense of humour, quirkiness or artistic flair, make the blog broadcast who you are.