It will soon be time to get back into the routine of early starts, packed lunches and organising PE kits, and it will no doubt be a shock to the system. At Creditplus, a lot of us are parents who know how real that struggle will be. We also know that having something you can truly rely on will be invaluable; so isn’t it time to think about a new car for the all-important school run?
We know how busy you are (and how much busier you’ll probably be), so we’ve done our homework on what cars we think are the best for you and your family. All the vehicles listed below can be found via our vast database. Read our reviews below of each one now – which one do you think you’d go for?

Skoda Superb


The closest rival of the Audi A6, the Skoda Superb is able to provide a lot of car for a very reasonable price tag. Whether you’re a fan of the now all-singing, all-dancing Skoda range or not, there’s no denying that the Superb is an excellent car. It’s spacious, light, and able to tackle A and B roads easily. With a family comes not only the school run, but numerous away days and holidays. The Superb is built to withstand trips that pile on the mileage; the diesel version offers outstanding efficiency on its emissions too.

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Citroen C4 Picasso


One of the most compact MPVs, the C4 has a high quality build and style both inside and out. As you would expect from a people carrier, it’s spacious and allows each passenger to adjust their own seat (so no fights in the back when someone wants to move). It’s also comfortable, offers a quiet ride and is steady and reliable on the road, so you know it’ll be a great family car for any activities you want to do, whether at a distance or further from home.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport


You can’t go wrong with any Jaguar Land Rover creation, but the Discovery Sport is at the top of the class when it comes to pure performance and the quality of its build. Its refinement is matched by its classic styling, both inside and outside the spacious cabin. While there’s no doubting the Sport is a hefty looking beast, it’s a sleek and controlled drive (so you’ll be able to hear any mischief from your world’s smallest people).

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Mazda 6


A car for grown-ups the Mazda 6 may be, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun place to be. Its agile capabilities and comfortable ride make it a real contender alongside its rivals; the BMW 3 Series and Toyota Avensis. Like its contemporaries, the cabin space is roomy, meaning it’s perfect for families in as much as there will be no difficulty in anyone fighting for more room. With a history of reliability, the Mazda 6 won’t let you down (meaning that the kids will always make it to school on time).

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Renault Kadjar


If you like your crossover vehicles, but don’t want the sometimes eye-brow raising price tag, the Renault Kadjar is the one you’ve been looking for. While it may not be the speediest vehicle available on the market, it does offer extensive comfort and controlled steering and handling. The Kadjar also gets top marks for its economic status, meaning it won’t be too much of a shock to the pocket (which in turn means more requests for ice cream or sweets).

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