As the current luxury SUV market goes, there’s a fair amount of choice out there. From pace to space, terrain to technology, there is literally an option for everyone.

The thing with deciding on something though is this: you have to make a choice at some point. So we’ve done our bit to help you. The research has been done, the options have been debated, and we’ve sorted what we think is the beef from the bull. So, for this battle of the SUVs, let’s hand over to the two contenders: the BMW X5 and the Audi Q7.



What’s it all about?

Well, it’s a big and bolshie BMW that on first glance would probably take no prisoners; that front grille looks like it could easily chomp its way through a lesser vehicle that dares to be in front. But away from its mean, hungry face. It’s brash yes, but the X5’s real talents lie beneath the bonnet and within the very pleasant cabin space.

What’s it like to drive?

In a word, pretty darn good actually. Aside from the as-standard-and-expected Bavarian brilliance of build quality and styling that BMW vehicles have been famous for since, like, forever, this is one seriously sporty beast.

Compared to some other luxury SUVs, the X5 has, over its various generations, focused on balancing power with refinement. But that doesn’t mean you’re looking at sitting in grandma’s front room for the duration of your journey. No, no. Whether you’re opting for the M50d or the XDrive30d model – both of which, amongst other options, can be found via our Car Search – you’ll get a quality driving experience. Superb handling, comfort and undeniable power will definitely come as part of the package.

What’s it like on the inside?

Let’s be honest: if you’re in the market for a luxury SUV of any description, you’re planning on spending time in it. While the X5 was, like its Audi Q7 rival, built for getting you from A-Z, it’s the inside that you’ll be looking at more. So you need something to look forward to and, thankfully, the X5 has this covered. Searching through the X5s we currently have available, you’ll discover a world of little luxuries. Heated seats, panoramic sun roofs, climate control; even something called Dakota leather. Fancy.

These aside, pretty much every inch of the cabin space is a pleasant place to be. Whether you’re travelling alone or with an entire squad, they’ll be plenty of room to get comfy in and enough tech gizmos to play with wherever you’re going. Except if you’re the one driving; in which case put the gizmos down and keep your eye on the road.

The Creditplus verdict?

Meaty enough to get you on your travels efficiently; refined enough to not make you look like a brute.

Audi Q7


What’s it all about?

You know we said the BMW X5 was big? Well we may have slightly overlooked the Audi Q7, which certainly has size on its side. With a face just as capable as the X5’s of hoovering up lesser mortals in its path, it’s not a car that’s easily forgotten. And that’s because the experts at Audi have made something truly brilliant in the Q7.

What’s it like to drive?

Well, it’s a German, so it’s well within the ‘nigh-on perfect’ stakes. It’s effortless and steady in terms of ride quality, confident in its ability to handle itself and cool as a cucumber about its performance. And all rightly so too. The Q7 was featured as part of a test drive article in Top Gear magazine, pitching itself against the Volvo XC90 and Land Rover Discovery. How did it do? It impressed the Top Gear team in a number of areas, so it definitely does something right.

The other thing to note is that the Q7 has some pretty elegant steering abilities, so it’s nimble wherever you want to take it. It’s light enough to let you know that you’re fully in control, so you won’t be worrying that you’re trying to manhandle a double-decker bus into position.

What’s it like on the inside?

As a luxury SUV, it certainly has the styling nailed – it’s an Audi after all – so you know that each and every trip will be a classy, glamorous affair. Even if you’re tasked with picking up the family or a loaf of bread, being in a setting that the Q7 can offer is an easy choice to make.

Despite having slightly less room in the back for a full house of people than the X5, the sheer quality of the interior is more than enough to make up for this. We’re not a materialistic bunch, but we do know that the interior design has clearly been thought about. It’s like it’s been put together by a team of people who are haunted by bad car interiors; they’ve taken their nightmares and turned them into a dreamlike state of soothing comfort and relaxation. And who doesn’t want a piece of that?

The Creditplus verdict?

All the class and style you’d expect from Audi on the inside, with all the class and style you’d expect from Audi on the outside.

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