Since the first announcement of the new Bond film, Shatterhand, there has been great speculation around the details of the new film. However, with the release date (8th April 2020), on the horizon there have now been some exciting details confirmed. It has been announced that Daniel Craig will be returning as James Bond, while Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek, will be playing his villain.

However, there’s another essential ingredient required in every Bond film, which generates particular excitement among the public, and press, in the build up to its release. Bond’s car.

Ever since Q first introduced Bond to the Aston Martin DB5 back in ‘Goldfinger’, the car that James drives has been eagerly discussed and anticipated before every film. Bond has driven cars from a number of manufacturers across the years: Lotus, Jaguar, BMW and, most famously, Aston Martin.

Before we reveal the much-anticipated car Bond will be driving in ‘Shatterhand’, let’s take a quick look at previous Bond cars and the necessary requirements needed to achieve 007 status.

Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger - 1964)


We might as well start with the most iconic Bond car, The Aston Martin DB5. After first making an appearance in Goldfinger in 1964, the DB5 is arguably now one of the most famous cars in the world. The luxury sports car is a British classic, which delivers ultimate class and sophistication.

Throughout Bond history, Aston Martin cars have been a popular choice for our 007, but the DB5 will always be the most memorable. Such is the renowned connection between Bond and the DB5, that the car was featured again in Skyfall in 2012, almost 50 years after its first appearance.

Toyota 2000 GT Convertible (You Only Live Twice – 1967)


The Toyota 2000 GT Convertible made its appearance in ‘You Only Live Twice’. Recognised as Japan’s first supercar, and with most of the filming taking place in Japan, it seemed only fitting that the 2000 GT was selected for this Bond film.

Original plans involved the hardtop coupe version; however, the low roof proved a little too restrictive for Sean Connery, who at 6ft 2in, struggled to comfortably fit inside the cosy cabin. As a result, Toyota were left with no option but to produce a special open-top version just for the film at short notice.

Aston Martin Vanquish (Die Another Day - 2002)


This luxurious grand tourer played a starring role in the not so highly rated Bond film, ‘Die Another Day.’ Although the film received some heavy criticism, there’s not as much negative to say for the ultra-powerful, stylish Vanquish.

In the film the Aston Martin is fitted with many gadgets, including automatic guns that popup from the bonnet cooling vents, rockets behind the grille, spikes on the tires and a passenger ejector seat. However please note, these features are not available on standard models.


Jaguar CX-75 (Spectre – 2015)


The spectacular Jaguar C-X75, which never actually completed its production journey. However, we got a good whiff of just how good it could have been, when the CX-75 was featured in Spectre, several years after its production came to a halt.

As far as Bond Cars go, it definitely hit the mark. With its elegant lines, smooth curves and streamlined finish, the C-X75 certainly looks the part. And of course, it’s got the speed for making a quick getaway, achieving 0-100 mph in 5.5 seconds, and reaching an impressive top speed of 205 mph.

Aston Martin DB10 (Spectre – 2015)


After their cars were featured in no less than 11 Bond movies, Aston Martin agreed to develop a bespoke car, specifically for the 2015 Bond film, Spectre. And so, the DB10 was born.

It’s 6-speed manual transmission unit is the same as that of their V8-engined cars, while the car's chassis is a slight modification of the VH Generation II platform that underpins the V8 Vantage.

The main difference is the longer wheelbase on the DB10, which is nearly as wide as the One-77. And when it comes to power and speed, the DB10 certainly has plenty to offer. With the same 4.7-litre AJ37 engine found in the V8, the DB10 can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds, and reach a top speed of 193 mph.

So What Car Will Bond Be Driving In Shatterhand?


According to the latest reports, our favourite agent will be lowering his emissions with a highly exclusive, electric Aston Martin.

Certainly a change from his usual fuel-thirsty motors however, it will quite literally be a breath of fresh air to see Bond in an electric vehicle, and what could be more fitting for Bond than the Aston Martin Rapide E?

Equipped with an 800-volt battery architecture and a 65khw capacity producing the equivalent of 602bhp, it can reach 0-60mph in just below 4 seconds and a 50-70mph time of just 1.5 seconds.

Of course, the Rapid E looks every inch a Bond car; sleek, stylish and luxurious, and valued at £250,000, the Rapid E is certainly in the ‘Bond price-range’

When it comes to range, Aston Martin advise an hour on a 400V 50kW charger will achieve 185 miles of electric range, with 310 miles of range achievable after an hour hooked up to an 800V outlet of 100kW or higher. This is very impressive for an electric car, however Bond’s high-speed chases will no doubt skew the range by a significant amount. But surely MI6 have decent charging points at their headquarters, right?

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