Best car finance deal of the month – BMW 1 Series

Each month, Creditplus review one of our most financed cars to see why it has been so popular with our customers. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the car, what our customers have to say, and also the best finance deals we have available. This month’s car is the BMW 1 Series, the upmarket alternative to the Volkswagen Golf.

BMW 1 Series Overview

The original BMW 1 Series was popular for its badge rather than its quality. Small and rather uncomfortable to drive, the car was positioned as a rival to the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf. Performance was never a problem, with the rear wheel drive giving the car more of a sporty feel than its rivals. Thankfully, a lot of the problems with the first generation were fixed for the second gen edition launched in 2011. Fun to drive and much more comfortable, the BMW 1 Series is now competing with more than just its marque.

“An attractive and practical design. Very well made, and comfortable, with some nice standard features. Mine had the mineral white paintwork, which is a lovely metallic white, which looks great in different lights.”
Customer Car Review, Creditplus Car Database


As stated before, the BMW 1 Series is one of the few cars of its size that’s rear wheel drive. This gives the car an edge when it comes to how fun it is to use, with a sharpness to its drive, as well as excellent grip and handling. Steering is very light and easy, although some may feel a certain unease when reaching the top speeds. Otherwise it performs magnificently at all speeds and the light handling makes city driving a dream. For those after the numbers, the BMW 1 Series will give you excellent acceleration of around 8.5s for 0-62mph, varying between the different engine specs.

You probably aren’t buying a BMW for its economy, but petrol versions of the 1 Series are competitive on MPG, just not the best in class. If you want more MPG, then you should choose the “Efficient Dynamics” model, which will give an average of 74.3 mpg.

“The diesel derivative is very economical – I’m getting around 50mpg overall. The automatic gearbox is very quick to change, and the engine accelerates well when needed, but just as at home pootling around town.”
Customer Car Review, Creditplus Car Database


Vastly improved from the first generation, the interior is much more comfortable, with the seats very supportive on long journeys. The car will fit a six foot tall person in the two front seats and two rear side seats. The rear centre seat is a little narrow, only suitable for children and for short journeys. Five door model is recommended for anyone regularly transporting adult passengers in the rear. For a small family car the space is fine, although the boot is a little too narrow to fit most buggies. Possibly better suited for children outside the toddler stage.

“Excellent condition both inside and out. Like brand new, looks prestigious as the brand name indicates. It is spacious round the back seats with lots of room. Nice grey interior and exterior metallic colour coded bumpers. I like the fact the seats easily lay flat if you wish to carry a large item in the boot.”
Customer Car Review, Creditplus Car Database

The ride is generally smooth, unless you choose an option with the sports suspension, whilst the wind and road noise is suppressed fairly well. Dashboard is presented in a clear, sensible layout. For the best range of options, you will want to go with the more expensive higher spec models.


Primary on the list of accessories is the fantastic display screen that provides all the information you’ll need for your journey. Perfectly positioned so it is visible without distracting from the road. The “BMW Connected Drive” utilises your smartphone to enhance the options on the display, with Google search and live travel data being sent to the display. A customisable digital radio service should help keep the drive interesting, with 120 genre stations adapting to match your likes. Built in “BMW Assist” allows you to telephone the BMW call centre for support with finding anything from restaurants and nights out, to late closing pharmacists. Available in the UK and across Europe, it is part of the big push of the “BMW Connected Drive” experience.


The BMW 1 Series passed its most recent Euro NCAP test with a 5 star safety rating, providing good all round protection for adult and child passengers. Each 1 Series has 7 air bags, including driver knee bags. An electronic stability control system improves safety further, with a built in lane departure warning system alerting you of any drifting. Road sign recognition will advise of any upcoming hazards or speed limit changes, and adaptive headlights will help navigating tricky bends and turns at night time.

When it comes to parking, a distance control system and reversing camera help make reverse bay parking much easier to handle. Park assist makes parallel parking simple, with ultrasonic sensors and the onboard computer finding a suitable space for you, before turning the steering wheel to make fitting into the tiniest of gaps a doddle.

Think the 1 Series is the right car for you?

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