Ford Fiesta – Creditplus best selling car for August

The best car finance deal of the month, where Creditplus bring to you details on one of our best selling cars. Last month’s car finance facts revealed that the Ford Fiesta was the most popular car of the month. Not only was it the best seller at Creditplus, it is also the most popular car across the UK as a whole, being the best selling car of the year so far. We take a look at the car and the used Ford Fiesta deals available.

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Britain’s best seller, the Ford Fiesta makes an ideal car for those looking for a small all rounder. Whilst not as big as some of the other hatchbacks on the market, the Fiesta is the perfect car for those wanting something reliable and easy to drive.



The Fiesta is widely regarded as being a joy to drive. The manual gearbox is smooth, you won’t have to force the car into a different gear. Automatic gearbox is also available, unless you decide upon the diesel version. Despite its size, the Fiesta doesn’t feel slow, with a 1.0 turbocharged petrol engine option for those looking for a little extra kick.

Its electric power steering may be light even at speed, but it is pin-sharp accurate and delivers surprising amounts of feedback. The 1.6-litre engine up front revs smoothly while power is spread evenly throughout the rev range, and even with four adult passengers on board the engine doesn’t feel strained.
-Mikey, User Car Review

The steering is light and responsive, ideal for manoeuvring around city streets. For longer drives, the Fiesta excels at making the distance effortless. The car’s controls match the car’s speed, meaning you don’t feel too much weight on the steering, gearbox or pedals when you get going. This car is ideal for first time buyers looking for an easy drive to get them used to being on the road. It is easy to see why this car is so popular.

On the motorway the ride of the Fiesta was so refined that could easily cruise right past 70mph without realising it. Underneath those sharp looks is an equally sharp and communicative chassis with a suspension system keeps all four tyres planted to the road.
-User Car Review



The Fiesta is large enough for four adults, you would struggle to get a fifth in the centre rear seat unless it was a child. Space is as you expect for a small car, with rear passengers able to sit comfortably without constricting their legs too much. The seats get the balance of comfort and firmness right, keeping you in position without feeling too rigid.

The boot space is fine for small shopping trips, and you’ll be able to fit a buggy inside at a squeeze. The back seats fold down to give a bit more space if required.

Design wise, the steering and dashboard controls have all been ergonomically built as standard. Steering wheel has a wide variety of controls built in. New Fiesta’s are fitted with digital radio. Climate control is adjusted by a rotary dial, making it simple to adjust to the temperature you desire.

It’s a dream to drive. All the controls are within easy reach, even the radio switches are on top of the steering wheel. It’s especially good in tight corners or parallel parking. It’s very easy to manoeuvre.
-Miss Zetec, User Review

Running Costs:


Economically, the Fiesta is generally cheap to run. If you buy one of the 1.0 litre variations, mpg is around 65. The engine sizes of 1.3 to 1.6 use a bit more juice, although the ECOnetic variation gives a more impressive mpg. Overall the fuel consumption is good if you don’t push too hard, with the diesel engines making a good comparison to other engines of similar size. New Fiesta’s come with automatic start stop, to help reduce fuel consumption further.

“The performance is excellent, very quiet for a diesel and very responsive and the economy is very high.”
-Scott, User Review

With regards to tax, the majority of new Fiesta models fit into the lower bands with a tax of £30 per year. The Fiesta generally falls into the cheaper insurance groups, meaning that it won’t cost too much if you have a clean driving record. New Fiesta’s come with a three year 60,000 mile warranty which will be useful should any faults become apparent. Overall service costs are low, especially as the most popular car in the country will have lots of options for repair and parts available.


When tested by the European NCAP, the Fiesta achieved the maximum 5 star safety rating. As well as scoring well for driver safety, the Fiesta scored well for child passenger protection, reassuring to those looking for a small family car.

“I especially like the parking sensors which tell you when you’re getting too close to something, so you can’t bump into anything accidentally. I also like the beep noise if you’ve forgotten to put on your seat belt or close the doors properly.”
-User Review

New Fiestas come with additional safety features such as Active City Stop, the car automatically braking for you. Hill Start Assist prevents the car rolling backwards when moving off from an incline. Driver and passenger airbags are fitted as standard, with extra airbags installed to protect driver chest, sides and knees. The Fiesta will also warn you of any tyre pressure faults or punctures.



The Fiesta comes in a variety of engine sizes depending on your needs and desires. Ranging from 1.0 litre to 1.6 litre petrol or diesel engines. Those looking for a sportier version may wish to go for the Ford Fiesta ST. Automatic and manual gearbox are both available and highly commended, so again its down to personal preference rather than one option preferred to the other.

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Alternatives to the Ford Fiesta

For those looking for similar hatchbacks, the third most popular car in the UK the Vauxhall Corsa may be the choice for you. If you are after something more stylish, the Volkswagen Golf has been one of the most popular cars in the UK for a long time. Whilst a bit more expensive, it comes with more power. Rated the best car of 2014 by the UK Car Dealer network, the Hyundai i10 is a modern alternative.

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