The fantastic Volkswagen Polo – ideal car for new driver or those with a young or small family

The best car finance deal of the month showcases one of the cars we’ve been financing this month. Not only do we give you a review of why the car is so popular, we also share some fantastic finance deals with you, so you too can get behind the wheel of a new car. This month, we look at the Volkswagen Polo, available on finance from £142.64 per month

The Volkswagen Polo is an excellent all rounder, ideal for those looking for a small hatchback that isn’t a Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa. And with none of the “boy racer” stigma that comes with a Volkswagen Golf, the Polo is the alternative that you should be considering.


First on the market back in 1975, the original Volkswagen Polo was a rebadged Audi 50. Designed to be a cheaper, more basic version of the Audi, the Polo sold 500,000 units in its first four years of existence. Fitted with the distinctive round headlights that you used to associate with Volkswagen, the car has been through five generations since then, the shape changing drastically from the first model to the fifth.

The original Volkswagen Polo Mk1

Not quite as distinctive in appearance as the Fiat 500 or the Mini, the Polo still manages to stand out from the more common Fiestas and Corsas. The Golf is the more popular of the Volkswagen makes, leaving the Polo as an excellent alternative for someone who wants the quality of the more popular models.

“The material is quite easy to keep clean. The exterior paint generally doesn’t show up much dirty or scratches and I feel that it doesn’t need to be cleaned weekly because of as a result.”
Creditplus Customer Car Review


Those seeking something quick won’t be interested in a Polo. Not the most fun to drive, the Polo is an easy drive, ideal for someone who wants the car to get from A to B, not caring too much about how sporty it feels through the corners. All round, the Polo meets the standards, with handling responsive and steering light. It is an extremely easy drive and parking is simple thanks to a light clutch, compact design and good visibility.

“I feel that despite being a low engine, it really is nippy, particularly on the motorway and handles bends and town conditions well too. It is quite economical, more so when you do motorway driving, rather than town based driving.”
Creditplus Customer Car Review

Automatic gearboxes are only available in 1.2 and 1.4 litre petrol models. The most popular engine choice is the 1.0 litre engine, that comes with a three-cylinder petrol engine and 60 bhp.


The Polo is a very comfortable drive, thanks primarily to its soft suspension which makes bumpy roads bearable. However, the 17 inch wheel option does remove some of this benefit. The seats are easily adjustable so finding a comfortable driving position is straightforward. The windows appear big and open, giving the car a light and spacious feeling inside.


Engine noise in the petrol models is nicely reduced, especially when compared to the diesel engine which gets a bit noisy around town. So if you are primarily using the Polo for city driving, the petrol version is the one to go for. High quality materials gives the dashboard and interior fittings a polished, refined feel.

“Good driving position, lively third gear through to fifth, idles well in traffic yet has the power for the motorway. It’s not sporty but it covers the bases for everyday driving and is a perfect car for single driver, new driver, or a small family.”
Creditplus Customer Car Review


The Polo excels when it comes to space, with some innovative design features. In the three door models, hinged seats provide easier access for passengers getting in and out of the back seats. The two front seats have a lot of space, with plenty of headroom. Back seats may be a little awkward for anyone over six foot, so best for smaller family members or short journeys.

Boot space matches the best in the business, with the boot around the same as the Ford Fiesta. Rear seats fold down for extra space, although split folding seats are only available in certain higher spec models.


The VW Polo scored the highest 5 start safety rating during its last Euro NCAP test back in 2009. It scored well for both adult and child passengers, a good sign for those looking for a small family car that will protect their children.

The Polo also comes with a number of additional advanced safety features. Special crumple zones help to absorb the impact of any crash, achieved through state-of-the-art laser welding. Crash active front headrests our designed to prevent whiplash, with the seat automatically moving forward in the event of a collision to protect your head and spine. Adaptive cruise control keeps the car safely away from cars in front of you, whilst all Polos come with a stability system to help you control the car in the event of a skid or slip.













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