Are you tyred of listening to the same playlists when you’re driving? Looking for some unwheel tunes for when you’re in the driving seat? Or about to hit the gas on an epic road trip? Then you’re in need of a playlist or two! We’ve created five perfect playlists based on several of the most popular car makes in the UK. So, grab your keys, crank up the volume, sit back and take a drive through five playlists, each with two hours of carefully handpicked songs.

BMW Bangers

A mix full of ultimate throwbacks and current bangers to get you dancing in your seat.


Range Rover Ravers

Get your rave on with this blend of some of the loudest and naughtiest dancefloor fillers.


Mercedes Mood

For those drives when you’re feeling blue and just need to let your feels out.


Volkswagen Vibes

The perfect mix of feel-good songs for the only good vibes playlist you’ll ever need.


Ford Funk

Feeling funky? The Ford funk playlist is full of the best classic funk hits ever made.


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