With the 21st series of Top Gear due to air on the 2nd of February, it seemed only fair to award our Best Car Video of the Month to the motoring magazine – which incidentally, is the most watched factual TV programme in the whole world.

With scores of people hanging off of Jeremy Clarkson’s every opinionated word, Top Gear has become more than just a show about cars – its unique brand of comedy and nonsense makes it good viewing for even those who are not massive car enthusiasts.

It’s difficult to choose one moment from the years of Top Gear as our favourite – and everyone would probably disagree anyway. So we decided to look back to Series 9, when National Rail teamed up with Top Gear to create a tongue-in-cheek warning about level crossings. This video is the results of their efforts.

Worth a watch, if only to watch a Renault Espace get hit by a train.

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