Last week, the Mercedes AMG F1 team posted this cryptic message on the twitter account:

Needless to say, it left some fans (including ourselves) a little stumped. What was that odd stick perched on the side of Lewis Hamilton’s car, and exactly what purpose would it serve? Later that very day, the team made their reveal – it was a camera, allowing the lap to be filmed in 360˚, and later made into an interactive app for their fans. This makes for a viewing experience like never before – viewers can drag the screen around to view any angle from the car – whether it be the track ahead, behind, left or right. This video, along with a few others that were created with the likes of motoring journalist Chris Harris, may signal the start of a brand new viewing experience for motorsport fans – imagine being able to view every angle at the start line, or during a crash – the possibilities for this technology are boundless. Whilst we’re pretty certain this won’t be available for the actual Grand Prix races (it’s not very aerodynamic you see) we are confident that there will be plenty more footage coming in from the Mercedes AMG camp – and we can’t wait! But enough of me talking – it’s time for you to check it out for yourself. Just click on the video below to get started! Like what you see? Why not find out what we choose for best car video of the month in January!