Top Gear tells us that every self-respecting petrolhead will own an Alfa Romeo at some point in their life, even though they aren’t renowned for their reliability, they aren’t always the fastest cars compared to their competitors, and they have a horrid tendency to get very, very rusty. There’s something about Alfa Romeos though that keeps car lovers coming back for more – whether it’s their sleek bodywork or the slightly mad engine set up, owning an Alfa is a right of passage.

For Manuel Leon Minassian, one simply isn’t enough. His collection of vintage Alfa Romeos is truly marvellous, but it’s a 1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina that he holds closest to his heart. Saved from the scrapyard, Manuel describes the Berlina as being ‘extremely ugly’ when he first got it, in white and covered in stickers. However, with a lot of work, the Berlina became one of Manuel’s most cherished cars in his collection.

In true Petrolicious style, this video is emotive, intriguing and beautifully crafted – and very deserving of our best car video of the month!

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