For our very first Best Car Video of the Month post, it seems only right to share one of the most popular car videos on the internet. With over 53 million YouTube views and counting, Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five showcases the ultimate in rally driving in the streets of San Francisco.

Rally driver Ken Block negotiates the empty streets of San Francisco with an effortlessness rarely observed in the world of motorsport. Swinging round trams, lifting off of the hilly terrain and drifting around extreme sports legend Travis Pastrana, the urban track provides ample opportunity for Block to show off his skills and prove to the viewer exactly why he is the name in Gymkhana racing. Gymkhana motor racing, for those who don’t know, is an extreme sport requiring competitors to skilfully manoeuvre their vehicles around a complex course in the shortest time by using extreme acceleration, braking and plenty of drifting. Block drives a modified 2012 Ford Fiesta RS WRC HFHV. The car can accelerate from 0-60mph in an incredible 1.8 seconds and boasts an impressive 650hp. It is modified and enhanced in such a way that it is able to be used for all three types of racing that Block participates in – WRC, Rallycross and, as featured in this video, Gymkhana. Ken Block himself began his rallying career with the Vermont SportsCar team in 2005, but has raced with his current team, the Hoonigan Racing Division (previously called the Monster World Rally Team) since 2010. Despite consistently placing highly in Rally America, he has yet to win a rally tournament outright. However, his series of promotional Gymkhana videos were a huge success, Gymkhana Two becoming 2009’s #4 most viewed viral video. Exciting, fast-paced and brilliantly shot, we believe Gymkhana Five is well deserving of our Best Car Video of the Month. With camera angles to rival Hollywood’s best and a drive that couldn’t be further from your daily commute, Gymkhana Five seems to have everything that you could want in a car video. Ever driven the streets of San Francisco? Think you’ve seen more impressive driving? Let us know in the comments!