Image: Jaguar Land Rover

As an avid Gran Turismo player, there are certain things I have realised I’ll probably never actually have in my cars in real life. Being able to crash into another car at 120mph (with no damage), racing against a ghost car and having the racing line on my windscreen are all features of videogames which I never thought would come to the real world. For July’s car video of the month, Jaguar Land Rover announced that two of these three things will become real.

Unfortunately, there’s still no cure for high-speed collisions – in Jaguar vehicles or any other for that matter, so please drive carefully. If you like to take your car on the track though, this month’s car video of the month shows that the technology previously only attainable in videogames is becoming a reality.

The clever clogs(es?) at JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) have shown off amazing heads-up display technology which overlays the racing line of a track on your windscreen. Not only this, but the colour of the line changes based on how hard you need to brake at any given time (from green for “everything’s ok! Throttle on!” to a red display for “brake! For the love of god, brake!”

Other swanky impressive tech shown in the official video from the british marque includes displaying ghost car replays to race against, and virtual cones on the track to weave around.

Watch it all on our best car video of the month below!

Are you looking forward to having this technology in your car? What other features from videogames would you like to see come to life? Let us know in the comments below!

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