So James, who usually does the best car videos of the week, is out of the office today so I have taken it upon myself to do it for him. James has an eye for a good quality video and regularly picks out some gems, I on the other hand am a bit different. Let’s just say my taste in media is a bit different to his! I am your typical internet user, easily distracted by silly videos and flashing images. So now we have that out of the way we can get on with the show.

Driving Dog

My first video is the silliest really (I did warn you). It is by no means new and chances are if you have been on the internet in the last two years you will have seen this but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fantastic viewing. Move over Google, we don’t need your autonomous cars. Just look at him, cruising like he doesn’t even know he is a dog! I don’t know if it’s just me but I think he looks pretty cool, like he was born to drive that car. Can you imagine hailing a taxi and this little rascal rocks up, that would make my life. Anyway it’s definitely worth watching even if you have already seen it.

Jet Bicycle

Another quite frankly ridiculous video which has become quite the sensation over the last week. Strictly speaking not a car video but it does feature a race with a Ferrari in the video so that counts. I say race, what you actually see is a car worth hundreds of thousands of pounds getting absolutely destroyed by a leather clad man on a bicycle. That man must have ‘man parts’ the size of trucks, in fact it’s a wonder he is stable aerodynamically with such large cojones.

Father & Son Drifting Team

This is how petrol heads are born. Taking a break from being silly here but in a society where children are bubblewrapped by parents to protect them it is good to see this father showing his son a bit of excitement. All the safety equipment there, he has a 4 point harness on, the car has a racing spec roll cage and the track is closed so it’s about as safe as you get. Just look at that little kids face, he is absolutely loving it you can see the excitement in his eyes. There were many an ‘awwww’ coming from my colleague Rosie when watching this one and who could blame her, that’s a heart warming father-son team right there.

Big Rally Save

We all know that rallying is chock full of very scary situations and so often they end in disaster with a completely totalled car and someone injured. Not this guy though. This is Andreas Mikkelson, racing for Volkswagen and he is an awesome driver. Look at the way he almost completely loses control of the car, somehow performs some Finnish magic and blam, the car is facing the correct way again. He must have nerves of steel to be able to assess that situation and react so fast and accurately. If I was in that situation I would have just shut up shop and said “nope”.

RC Car Built From Scratch

This video is a long one, seventeen minutes to be precise so I won’t feel bad if you skip towards the end if you just want to see the remote control car. I advise you to at least watch some of the video though, this man painstakingly hand builds a Dodge M37 truck from start to finish. The level of detail that he puts in to it is amazing, the paintwork really looks fantastic and when you see it driving around at the end it really looks the part. A project to be proud of.

That’s all for the best car videos of the week, I hope you enjoyed it and it will return to regular programming next with with James returning. Want more? Check out last week’s best car videos! Something a bit different? Well why not catch up on your motor sport with our latest racing round up!

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