Off-road racing

Best car videos of the week: a roundup of some of the coolest, dangerous, craziest car videos on the web. This week, we take a look at some of the best car chases from Hollywood, some incredible new car tech, and the wacky world of car advertising.

Furious 7

No, not an angry remake of “The Magnificent Seven”, Furious 7 is the next instalment in the incredibly popular Fast and Furious film series. The filmmakers seem to have pushed the action even further (parachuting cars out of a plane!), and it will be an especially poignant entry in the series after the tragic death of Paul Walker.

Best ever car chase?

The release of the Furious 7 trailer had the team thinking about their favourite Hollywood car chases. Lot of love for Mad Max and Terminator 2, but we think that Bourne is the best. Have a look over at our top 10 awesome car chase blog to see some amazing action sequences.

Hollywood special effects – in real life?

A see through car is something you expect to see in a science fiction film (Die Another Day included), so this video is truly stunning. Researchers from the Graduate Media School of Design at the Keio University, Japan, have created this incredible prototype that allows you to look through the chassis of a car to the outside world. Most exciting car video of the week? Most definitely.

The Road Less Travelled

Over at our facebook page, Luke unearthed this gem of a video from the US. Racing around a 600-acre forest near Mt. Baker, Washington, the “XP1K2” crew turned the forest into a unique off road race course. An incredible track needs an incredible driver, Off-Road Racing Champion RJ Anderson took the challenge. The result: seven minutes of off-road racing heaven.

Attack of the toys

Finally with this cute ad from Canada showcasing some of the incredible new safety technology cars are being built with these days. If you have kids or were a child with an army of action figures, this video will speak to you.