The best car videos of the week

Friday is here and it’s time for our weekly roundup of the best car videos from across the web this week. We have some extreme close calls to show you, as well as two very different but equally cool car adverts, and some craziness from America.

Inches from tragedy

Rally drivers are known for pushing their cars to the very edge. Speeding along rural roads, there aren’t any safety barriers to protect you. These two drivers from Poland know exactly how dangerous it can be. Both are very lucky to still be alive after this crash.

Swallowed by the Earth

Russian dashcam videos are a regular feature on this blog, filled with an almost surreal insight into driving in the East. This video is no exception where one cement truck meets an unexpected end – swallowed by a sinkhole!

I believe I can fly

Back to rallying, and hearts were in mouths when this BMW took a hill a bit too fast. Only some excellent driving (with a little bit of luck) prevented a disaster.

Nostalgia Overdose

The guys over at XCAR consistently make some of the best car videos on the web. Their latest video test drives one of the most iconic movie cars of all time – the DeLorean DMC-12, as seen in Back To The Future.

Visual Poetry

Next up we have two of the best car adverts this week, and probably of the year. First is from Volvo to promote the new XC60. An extremely poetic, mesmerising video.

And finally…

We head to the US and a unique drag race. They don’t do things by halves over in the States, and this huge race is no exception. Big rig drag racing. Intense.

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