This week’s best car videos include some exciting race videos, cool animations, and amazing constructions. Collected together in one handy roundup! Let’s begin shall we?

Through the eyes of a rally driver

This videos puts you behind the wheel of a rally car as race driver Simon Pagenaud takes you speeding through the woods. Gets the adrenaline going!

And if you want to see just how dangerous rally races can be…


To celebrate the launch of the new Sprinter, Mercedes have put together this cool animation showing the history of the van across the years. Can you spot all the different types and pop culture references?

The ultimate car toy

Everyone loved playing with cars as a child (some adults still do!). This video, first posted over at our facebook page shows an incredible £190,000+ slot car racing track. Incredible amount of effort and attention to detail has been put into the track. If you like this video, why not check out or nostalgia post on the “Ten Best Car Toys”.

Russian Bravery

It seems week after week we have a crazy video from Russia, showcasing something wild, stupid, dangerous or a combination of all three. The huge volume of dashcams in use certainly helps, and if they were more widely used in the UK then there would surely be more British craziness online. This week, we’ve decided to showcase an act of extreme courage from Russia.

When a reckless driver collides with a gas tank, it looks like things could be about to take a dangerous turn for the worse. But one brave man sprung into action, running through the highly flammable gas to switch off the tank. He escapes just before the escaped fuel bursts into flames. There’s no doubt his actions saved what could have been a real disaster.

Making something beautiful out of something ugly

Everyone hates it when their car becomes caked in dirt, except for white van men who seem to love it. One artist didn’t see filth, he saw a blank canvas. Have a look as he transforms normal mud stained windows into works of art. Incredible.

And finally…

Feeling nostalgic still? How about this classic advert for Citroen. Funky dancing robot car.

Think we have missed any exciting videos from the week? Let us know on facebook, twitter or Google+ and we’ll give you a shoutout next week! Other highlights from the Creditplus blog: The best new cars debuted at the Paris Motor Show – check out our full rundown of what was hot at the biggest motor show in Europe. Looking for a new driving game now that winter’s coming? Here’s a rundown of the best games coming out this autumn.