The best car videos from around the web this week.

Time for this week’s best car videos. We’ve trawled through the world wide web to find the best motoring videos online. This week has a retro tinge as we found some cool older videos. Plus an insane dashcam video from Russia (we seem to be saying this a lot recently), and a cool timelapse video from MINI.

First up, we have a few retro videos.

The Greatest Car Video of all time – remixed

Often named as one of, if not THE, greatest car videos of all time, “C’etait un rendezvous” shows an unknown driver speeding around Paris. The video below remixes the famous short film, by adding a track from Kavinsky to the footage. Does the music sound familiar? Well Kavinsky provided the soundtrack to “Drive”, the cult film starring Ryan Gosling.

Odd Look (Kavinsky) -C’etait un rendez-vous from FanuteCoupe on Vimeo.

Ford Escorts Are Awesome

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this classic video of Escorts rallying at crazy speeds, jumping and flying through the air.

Onboard with a racing great

Our final retro car video shows Jackie Stewart racing around the Nurburgring in 1970. What makes this video cool is the onboard camera views, and the great man himself providing a commentary of the action.

Go Pro racing

This racing video comes from the 2014 Sonoma Historics even in the USA. Go pro video of two 1971 Chevron B19’s racing against each other. It’s just like a real life racing game.

Lets go out for a nice peaceful drive

This driver from Russia might have been planning to go out on a nice afternoon drive. Instead he comes face to face with the full force of nature’s fury. Luckily for us, he caught it all on camera.

The birth of a MINI

A fantastic timelapse video showing a Mini being constructed from start to finish. A cool video for all you tech heads out there.

And finally…

Some geniuses(?) have turbocharged the engine on their tractor. And the results are just what you would expect!

That’s it for this weeks roundup of the best car videos. We’ll bring you more of the best videos this time next week. In the meantime, why not like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for more cool car videos? Highlights from the Creditplus blog this week: Battle of the Crossovers – which came out on top? Find out in our car buyers guide blog. What my car says about me – Hyundai Getz. Fed up with the hassle of parking? Seen a tight gap that you think you could squeeze into? Take a look at our car technology blog where Tom profiles all the latest automated parking systems.

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