Image: Red Bull thermal imaging

It’s time for the best car videos of the week. We have some incredible crashes, incredible feats of speed, and bizarre commercials from across the planet.

Is that in the rulebook?

First up, we have this onboard video from the 5Club MX5 Cup at Silverstone. What starts off as a fairly standard race came quickly becomes something much more…awesome! Just watch the other driver and his clever way of hurting the opposition.

A different view

Next we have some incredible thermal imaging of a Red Bull racing car. Just look at the heat coming off those tires. No wonder they have to change them so often.

Drifting Master

Vaughn Gittin Jr is one of the best drifters around. In this video, he takes his Ford Mustang RTR Drift Car for a quick spin around Rudskogen Motorpark in Norway.

Queen of the Nurburgring, now doing drag?

Sabine Schmitz is probably one of the most famous race drivers in the world. Outside of her appearances on Top Gear, she has clocked over 20,000km on the Nurburging – the incredible racetrack in Germany. In this video, she reviews the new Porsche 911 GT3, by putting it through a drag race.

Incredible Crash of the week

This really needs no introduction. Posted on our Facebook page earlier this week, this crash took place during the GP3 race in Belgium last weekend.

And finally…

Two car adverts, drastically different in style and approach. First this advert for Honda, showcasing the testing the Civic goes through.

And then we have this bizarre advert for Kia from the USA. Do you think a sexy hamster can sell a car? That’s it for this week. Join us again next Friday for more of the best car videos. More from the Creditplus blog: The previous best car video roundup – Stunts and speed. We brought together some of the best car jokes from comedy. Have a look at routines from Lee Mack, Lee Evans, Jack Dee and more here. Looking for a weekend project? Sarah gives us a guide on how to upcycle your car. What does upcycling mean? Find out all you need to know at her blog.

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