Friday, the end of the week, the start of the weekend! We thought we would help you kick it off by collecting some of our favourite videos, some of them from this week and some of them from a bit further back!

First of all we bring you a video that emerged earlier this week, just before the start of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. The M Sport team hurtling through the German countryside at an outrageous pace. There can’t be more than a foot between the car and the wall at some points, superb skill and control on display here and we love it!

Next up is another one that was released this week, although the actual event took place a while back. Top Gear released this as yet unseen footage of ‘The Stig’ bungee jumping a formula 1 car! We don’t know who lets them keep doing this kind of stuff but we hope it continues for a very long time. Now for this next video we urge everyone out there NOT TO TRY THIS AT HOME, or in fact anywhere really! There have been a few videos recently of people taking advantage of the active lane assistance controls in their cars, almost like a dare people have been getting more and more dangerous. We will let you find those ones yourself but this is the latest and most idiotic one! It does however offer a look into how advanced the systems are in cars that are available right now. That’s it for videos released this week but our list is definitely not over, this particular video is 46 years old but that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome! This is an advert from 1966 for the Ford Bronco, check out how different the car commercials were back then! We think it’s great! Last but certainly not least is one of our favourite car videos of all time, a fascinating compilation of all sorts of racing in slow motion. You can see everything in exquisite detail and it gives you a real appreciation of how difficult racing is. It is both beautiful and somehow haunting at the same time, make sure you give this one a watch. That concludes our favourite car videos this week! We hope you come back for more in the future! More from Creditplus: The Creditplus dream team – which cars make up our winning eleven? Find out here. Want more videos? See the best car videos from last week in our post here. Which is the best roadster on the market? We battled four of the best against each other here.

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