The week’s best car videos

This week’s best car videos comes with a health warning – do not try this at home. Especially as these crash videos look absolutely insane. As well as carnage, we have some cool video editing that rearranges traffic into mesmerising patterns. Remember, let us know what videos you’ve been watching in the comments.

Drag Race From Hell!

This drag race featuring two classic American cars looks like it could be fun. But things soon go drastically wrong!

Lucky to be alive

One motorist had a very lucky escape this week. Don’t want to spoil the video, but its safe to say the man is very lucky to be alive. Make sure you keep an eye on the left side of the screen.

So close and yet…

The final crash in this best car videos compilation comes from a hill climb event in the US. One driver was very thankful for his roll cage. See why in the vid below.

Slomo makes everything look cool

The iPhone 6 was released this past week. Away from the controversy surrounding “Bendgate”, some users are taking advantage of the new slow motion video capture. The video below was posted over at our facebook page. Strangely hypnotic.

Colour coordinated commuting

The first of two videos looking at traffic. Wait! Before you run away thinking “boring”, this is really worth a look. First up, one video artist colour coded all the traffic on a highway. Beautiful in a strange way.

City living

The second video showcases a day in the life of Ho Minh City, Vietnam. Reminds me of playing Sim City. Fascinating to see the world from this POV.

As 80s as you can get

We love a bit of cheesiness here at Creditplus. So this eighties Australian tv advert for the Suzuki Swift really floats are boat.

And finally…

Who says those who drive supercars have more money than sense? Well…this Ferrari 599 with a special wrap is certainly something.

That’s it for this week’s best car videos. Have a look at the highlights from the blog this week. Made by man, design by nature – how engineers look to the wild for inspiration. The Ryder Cup of Cars – Which are better? European or American cars? Iconic cars from British Tv – A look at some of the best motors that have appeared on the box.