The technology we have inside our cars is changing more and more rapidly. As recent as fifteen years ago, air conditioning was a fancy addition. Now, if a car doesn’t have climate control that can be adjusted from seat to seat, then it’s considered a basic model.

Now, the range of different technology you can get inside a car is one of the big reasons behind what car we choose to buy. This is only going to become more important, with self-driving and safety tech taking more of the driving away from us, we’re going to want more and more advanced in-car tech to keep ourselves entertained.

But why wait? Here are some of the best cars on the market with the best in-car technology for you to play with.

Audi Quattro Q5


Whatever your opinion on electric cars might be, the PHEV (plugin hybrid electric vehicle) is going to be a more and more popular choice going forward. The Audi Quattro Q5 is one of the best on the market, and that extends to the car’s in-car technology. The big thing is it’s Wireless Apple CarPlay compatibility. If you have an iPhone, you can connect your car and control a vast majority of it from your phone. Want to heat up the car before you get in and drive it in the morning? You can do that.

The 10.1-inch touch screen is another highlight. You can easily navigate to the SatNav or radio, and you won’t be battling to get it to work as you drive, as it’s quick and responsive. It will even help you to optimise the charging times, so you can have the battery recharged and ready to go with little fuss.

Tesla Model 3


Any talk of in-car technology must mean a mention of Tesla. The big thing with the Model 3 is how the car’s onboard computer system is constantly updating and changing. Now it might seem strange to be giving your car an update like it’s your smartphone or laptop, but these updates not only improve performance and efficiency, it improves the safety technology too to make it better at analysing and protecting you as you drive.

Away from the safety tech, the entertainment menu has a huge range of games you can play using your car’s controls (just not while you drive). You can also browse the internet from the car’s touchscreen, and connect your phone to it to. Some of the features are locked behind an expensive upgrade, but if you want the best in-car tech then it is more than worthwhile.

Ford Mustang Mach-E


When you think of the Mustang, you probably think of its muscle car glory days back in the 60s and 70s. But today’s Mustang is one of the smartest cars on the road. Not just because it’s fully electric. The in-car tech is dominated by the huge touchscreen in the centre, that can give you everything from detailed analysis of how your car is performing, to importing your favourite playlist from your favourite music app.

But the key feature is the ‘One pedal drive’ system. Working in tandem with a huge range of smart car safety features, the Mustang Mach-E removes the need for a brake pedal completely. Instead, you just take your foot off the pedal and the car slows down automatically.

A real car of the future showing how driving will go from being something that can be a chore, to a comfortable cruise from A to B.

Get your new tech

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