Congratulations! Exam season is over and you can put all the hours spent slumped over your desk with your head in your books behind you. Soon the results will be out and, whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, there are few better ways to celebrate the end then with a new car. But which one is the best match for your new found freedom?

Ford Fiesta


The most popular supermini on the market, the Ford Fiesta hatchback combines everything you need from a first car. A wide variety of different engine sizes, including a small 1-litre version that will reduce insurance costs. A selection of features to choose from to match your budget and needs. And an impeccable safety record.

Vauxhall Corsa


The biggest rival to the Ford Fiesta on the market, the Corsa matches its American competitor on almost every scale except popularity. While it may not get the heart-racing with its looks, it’s a solid and reliable car that is ideal for someone new to the road.

Fiat 500


For those wanting a more distinctive car, the quirky Fiat 500 has more personality than most superminis. Incredibly stylish and fun to drive, the 500 will really help you stand out from the more conventional cars other graduates will be driving.

Mini Cooper


Another quirky choice, the Mini Cooper has been beloved by young and new drivers for over 50 years. Whether it’s the convertible version or the hardtop, the Mini Cooper has personality, charm, and is not as common on the road as it used to be, meaning it will be distinctive too.

Toyota Aygo


Cars from the east are known for being reliable and the Toyota Aygo is one of the most reliable on the market. Smart, efficient technology keeps running costs low, and its impressive build quality means you won’t be fixing it every 5,000 miles.

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