No matter what you like to do to refresh your mind after a week at work or looking after the kids, having the right car can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your hobbies. Whether you like to hit the links for a few rounds of golf or prefer to head to the coast for some fun in the surf. Heading out into the wilds for a camping break, or just finding the perfect route for a nice bike ride. If you have the right car, you can really take advantage of your hobbies. Here’s our selection of the best cars for your hobbies.

Best cars for golf


What do you need for a car that’s ideal for golfing? Obviously, you’ll need plenty of space in the boot for your golf bag. But you’ll also want to prioritise comfort. Why? Because you’ll want to just relax after an afternoon or weekend spent walking around a golf course. If it’s comfy for long journeys, then you’ll also be able to tackle courses further afield without suffering too much on the journey back.

Top picks: The Volkswagen Passat Estate has all the space you need in the boot for your clubs, as well as a relaxed ride with plenty of room to stretch out your legs. For something a bit bigger, the Jaguar E-Pace has a lot more space without sacrificing on comfort.

Best cars for watersports


The question you have to ask is will you be hiring your watersport gear or taking it with you? If you’re taking it with you, you’ll want something to carry the surfboards or kayak that you’ll be using, so you’ll want a roof rack. You’ll also need some place to dry yourself off afterwards. A car with a good climate control system is ideal, so you can warm yourself up quickly after your time in the sea. You’ll also want a car that’s a nice easy drive, as there’s a good chance you’ll be setting off at dawn or dusk to catch the best weather.

Top picks: The Volkswagen Caravelle is the spiritual successor to the iconic caravanette. A bit blockier, it has the space and carrying capacity you need for trips to the surf. Another option for hitting the sands is the Mitsubishi L200, to make you feel like a Californian beach lifeguard.

Best cars for camping


When it comes to camping, your car is not just the transporter of all the equipment you need (although it does have to do that too!). It’s your plan B, a place for you to retreat to if the weather turns against you. So you’ll want space to potentially bed down during a storm. You’ll also need a vehicle that can get off the campsite at the end of the trip, so four-wheel drive is an excellent idea.

Top picks: If your passion for camping comes from wanting to cut down on costs, the Dacia Duster is extremely affordable, but it has the space and ruggedness to tackle the outdoors. For those with a bit more budget, the Volvo V60 is a lot classier, but no less suitable for getting down and dirty.

Best cars for cycling


You might be in a position to cycle direct from your front door, but to take advantage of the best cycling routes you’ll need a car to transport you to the start position. So you’ll want a car with a bike rack – either on the roof or attached to the back door. You may also want to bring essentials, like a spare wheel or puncture repair kit. A car with a Sat Nav built in can also be a great idea, so you can find those routes off the beaten track.

Top picks: The Skoda Superb Estate gives you the option of a roof rack or a bike rack on the back, plus lots of space in the boot for your gear. The Ford S-Max is another great option, especially when you put the seats down to give you an incredible amount of extra space.

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