One of the best things about the automotive industry today is that the cars are built to last. Have a look around you and see how many cars with alphabet number plates you see on the road. There aren’t that many except for the odd Y-plate Corsa being driven around by some broke teenager.

Today’s cars are built to last. More efficient engineering, better build quality, and a greater awareness amongst consumers about which cars are reliable and which cars are not, means that car manufacturers put a lot more effort into ensuring the vehicles they make will last.

That effort has led some car manufacturer’s to have their car’s reliability as a selling point. Some are even so confident that the car’s they build are built to last, they will give you a 7-year warranty to cover the vehicle. When you consider most people look at changing their car every four or five years, that means the manufacturer are happy to cover the quality of the car for the entire ownership.

We’ve taken a look at the market to pick out the best cars with a 7-year warranty. So you can find a quality car that also has the quality to last.

Kia Sportage


Reliability is especially important when it comes to a family car. It’s expensive enough catering for the needs of your children, without having to worry about keeping your car running properly. One of the best family cars on the market is the Kia Sportage and, like every Kia model, it comes with a 7-year 100,000 mile warranty.

But the warranty doesn’t mean that costs have been cut elsewhere. The base Kia Sportage model comes with lots of great kit, such as infotainment systems and climate control. It’s also very spacious inside, plenty of room for you and your kids to sit inside without encroaching on each other’s space.

Kia Ceed

If you want something slightly smaller than the big Sportage SUV, then the Kia Ceed is an ideal family hatchback. The warranty is obviously one of the key selling points, but there’s plenty else to get your interest. The boot space is one of the key features, very big and room for your shopping bags or a buggy.

If you are after economy, then go for the diesel engine. It will save you money at the petrol pump, but be wary of potential changes to how diesel vehicles are taxed. Like the Sportage, it’s base model comes with plenty of good equipment. And its low price means you can choose one or two optional extras to tailor it to what you want.

Ssangyong Tivoli


You might not be too familiar with the Ssangyong badge. This Chinese carmaker has slowly grown bigger over the last few years, but it still remains a bit unknown in the mass market. But the 7-year warranty complete with a 150,000 mileage limit makes it an option you should consider.

While it’s a bit smaller than other SUVs, you still get the high seating position and feeling that you are in a big safe vehicle. Despite its smaller appearance, they have made great use of the interior space, so you don’t feel like you’re trapped inside. It’s economical to run and comes with a surprising amount of decent kit as standard. If you are after cheap and cheerful, the Ssangyong Tivoli is one to consider.

Ssangyong Turismo

If you have a bigger family that you need to transport around, then the Ssangyong Turismo could be the perfect choice. This seven-seater MPV has all the practicality you could ask for from a big family car. The interior feels practically cavernous, with lots of rooms around the seats so you can firmly establish the safe zones to keep your kids from squabbling. The interior space hasn’t meant you lose it elsewhere, with a huge boot for bags, buggies and whatever else you need to keep your family entertained and content.

It’s not that expensive either. While the low cost means you lose some of the frills you get with pricier alternatives, this is a perfect practical car to get you from A to B with as many of your family members as you require. And it also has that 150,000 mile 7-year warranty to keep you as happy as the kids in the back.



No, not the British car company that made the beautiful classic cars like the MG-A and MG-BGT, this MG is a Chinese manufacturer that produces mass-market family cars. The somewhat awkwardly named MG MG3 is their small city car. Like the Ssangyong, these cars are built to be affordable and economical. And the MG3 is not too hard on the eyes either, despite its low price.

There’s plenty of decent equipment inside for its price, so you aren’t missing out by choosing something affordable. It also comes with a 7-year warranty for added protection. While its only for 80,000 miles, this small city car is built for short trips around town, so it shouldn’t be too big an issue.

Can you get this warranty on a used car?

The extended warranty is all well and good, but can you take advantage of the protection if you purchase a secondhand car with this level of protection. The good news is that in most cases you can! The car manufacturers want you to have a good experience with the car, even if they don’t make money from you directly purchasing the car from their dealers.

What you will need to ensure is that the person selling the car has been following the rules and requirements set by the manufacturer. If they haven’t been sticking to the rules, then the warranty might have lasped. So don’t just take their word for it!

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