A-Level results day is getting closer and we know it’s an anxious time for not only the student, but also for anyone who shares space with them. We also know that time is much better spent thinking about other things; no amount of stressing will change the results now. So one thing we think might be worth considering now is this: what type of car do you think your (hopefully) grade A student would love to be driving?

We understand that it’ll be something that’s cheap to run as well as being stylish, functional and a little bit cool too. We’ve searched through our vast database and found just a handful of the current cars on the market that won’t be a shock to the wallet. Read on to see the benefits of each one.

Toyota Aygo


Compact, efficient and reliable, the Toyota Aygo is everything we’ve come to expect from the heavyweight Japanese manufacturer. Whether it’s the older version or the latest update, there’ll be no disappointment with the handling, comfort and capabilities of its agile engine. On top of this are its attractive looks, superb build quality and solid city car status.

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Suzuki Swift


As a more budget-focused manufacturer, Suzuki don’t fail to impress with the Swift. Like the Toyota Aygo, the Swift can be relied upon for its outstanding build quality, styling and solid good looks. The one thing that sets it apart perhaps is that the Swift is more of a spirited drive; its capabilities in both a straight line and navigating corners more than proves its place in the city car stakes and the ‘fun’ category.

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Vauxhall Corsa


As superminis go, you won’t go far wrong with the Vauxhall Corsa. It’s certainly come a long way since its original version where, despite it being cheap to run then, might not have been a consumer’s first choice in the small car category. Now that it’s moved on a few generations, the Corsa has upped its game by appealing to a bigger market and being a force to be reckoned with. It’s considered to be a fitting rival to the Ford Fiesta, but the Corsa’s continued understated improvements over the years could be more of a wiser (and pocket-friendly) choice.

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Peugeot 108


With Peugeot being more than capable of producing smart looking vehicles for a range of consumers, the 108 is a neat package of refinement, styling and classic French charisma. Its up-to-date looks means it will age slower than some of its contemporaries, and will provide a lot of fun and interesting driving, whether it’s in the city or beyond.

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Hyundai i10


One of the smallest city cars currently available, the Hyundai i10 offers everything in terms of styling, looks and a great build quality. It’s a small car, but comes fully equipped with a big car feel, making the most of its sweet interior and holding nothing back while on the road. It might look like it can’t handle itself, but don’t be fooled; the i10 is much sharper than it looks.

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Kia Picanto


The car most closely matched to the Hyundai i10 in terms of what lies beneath the bonnet, the Kia Picanto marginally gains the upper hand by being ever-so-slightly more modern in its looks. It’s a well-made, sturdy city car that wouldn’t look out of place for any age bracket. The Picanto is more than able to deliver a grounded stance in the ever-evolving small car market, and it’s one of the more affordable options too.

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