Do you feel safe in your car? We’re not talking about things like seatbelts and airbags. But is there something comforting about getting back to your car at night time. That bubble we feel when the door is closed. It’s reassuring, isn’t it?

Drive-thru fright nights are here to change that. Launched last year to make Halloween a possibility despite the global pandemic, these are haunted houses on wheels. Like some sort of twisted safari park, you stay in your car and drive through the attraction. An instant success, many of the same events are being held again this year. Here are some of the best drive-thru fright nights, from this year and the last.

ScareCity, Manchester

Combining a horror attraction with a drive-in cinema, ScareCity in Manchester has taken over the Soccerdome in Trafford. Like a normal drive-in cinema, there are some fantastic horror films being shown this year. The Wretched, Paranorman, A Quiet Place – just some of the movies being screened. But getting to the cinema screen is almost as scary as the films on show.

Driving to the car park, there are scares galore on route, as well as plenty of spooky photo opportunities that will look great on your socials. This year’s theme is witchy, so expect cackling covens and horrible spells. The spookiness doesn’t stop when the film starts, with actors in character lurking in the shadows at all times. An awesome Halloween experience.

FestEvil, Wrexham

A horror maze is scary enough on foot, but having to think about driving is somehow more frightening. Inspired by some of the greatest horror films of all time, you drive around the city’s Rock Park festival site and come into contact with some scary encounters across the 20 minute journey. Zombies will scratch your windows, so make sure your wipers are working.

Sadly this fantastic event is not running this year, due to the company behind the experience closing down. A shame as it was a real highlight last Halloween.

Thorpe Park

The big amusement parks often put on a great Halloween spectacle, even in 2020, and Thorpe Park was no different. Hosting some spooky film screenings, you were encouraged to visit the experience in fancy dress, with prizes for the best dressed. So you really add to the scary season feel. Films screened included Hereditary, The Shining, and The Exorcist.

This year, the park is back open so you can attend in person. But we will miss the spooky screenings they had last year as it made for a fantastic fright night.

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